I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


7. 1 year later

It's been one year since I supposedly 'died'. And I've successfully been planning my revenge on Triangle for stealing zhe bucket. The year is 2008. I have been designing my revenge even when a couple took me in the state Florida. In the span of a year learning in this new school;I had some other problems. Well mainly with a group of students making various attempts to outcast me, say things behind my back, and tease me for my speech problem.

Like for example. I will give you a brief example from hours ago.

"Did you hear how she pronounced one?" Catherine Belt,a very unlikeable student for me, whispers to her friend Alex Josh.

And this is at lunch. At freaking lunch.

"What did she pronounce on?" Alex asks.

"She didn't pronounce on anything." Catherine said, furrowing her eyebrows.

Oh yeah I was right across from their table. Hearing every slagging word.

"And who are we talking about again?" Alex asks, tilting his head. His steamy bacon--yes,bacon--was lain on the plate uneaten. Half of his brownie is gone. his napkin is filled with the crumbs. "Are talking about the math teacher's fast paced Spanish accent?"

Alex is the one who doesn't have enough processor cells to compute what Catherine says.

"No." Catherine said, shaking her head as the other kids at the table made a laugh. "I'm talking about that Abbigal freak."

I was eating cheeseburger with chicken nuggets, fruit, pudding, and a chocolate milk.

"The one who smashed potatoes in your face and scolded you for calling the tomato bucket a 'red squash container item?"  Alex asks.

"She's not a English teacher." The girl beside Catherine, named Emily Beans, adds in to the conversation.

"She sure acts like won." Catherine said, with a bright grin.

". . .Is that a pun?" Alex asks, confused.

"No." Catherine said. "That's how Abbigal freak says  'one'."

"What about run?" Alex asks, again.

"She still says won." Catherine said, with a nod.

To be fair it is  amusing to see them bicker about English and speech. Society may consider them as bullies.I ignored their words because fear cannot control me. I cannot let the bullies get what they want out of me; a reaction.  I chose the name Abbigal Bell to live under, not surprisingly, in Florida.

Only one person knows my real name.

"Ivs!" Sydney, an African American eight year old girl, swings down the tree house branch. Well basically she is hanging upside down.  "I've found it!"

I look up from the computer--that has a diagram of my crucial plan--with little doubts she 'found it'.

"This is surprising." I remarked.

"What is, girly?" Sydney asks.

"You wanting all your blood to go straight into your brain." I said.

Sydney helped herself up  and flipped down to the wooden plank boards built beside the tree house building.

"Ivs." Sydney said. "I found it."

"Found what?" I ask.

"I found the jet." Sydney said.

"What jet?" I ask, feeling like a investigator interrogate a suspect.

"The Dorito one." Sydney said as I sprang up from the chair. "I could tell it is a gigantic robot because of those strange symbols written all over." She held up her small phone. "And that my internet went out."

"Zhe bucket!" I declare.

I feel like a nine year old all over again. I am ten years old. I've fabricated a lie that I was born on November 23rd. Sometimes people ask me if I've seen this British TV show that just returned to television. I still haven't watched that show; yet.I've been too busy planning, doing homework, and attempting to keep my identity a secret, and attempting to befriend others.

"Ivy, don't go Russian on me!"  Sydney warns me, randomly taking out a board to shield herself.

"I'm  not Russian." I replied. Does everyone have to be so judgmental?, I thought to myself. "Nor is mesah Irish."

"Are too." Sydney insisted, flipping into the tree house.

Sydney landed into the big bean bag set near the desk with the computer and diagram beside it. I have gotten better at my writing on the computer because my handwriting is very awful and my teachers are not happy to read the most horrible handwriting of their careers.So now I've been doing my homework on the internet and printing it out once completing it. Yes this treehouse has a printer too.

"I gotta get ready." I go to the big bed that has a large suitcase with all the works that can be used to harm a specific gigantic alien robot.

"Ivs." Sydney said, folding her arms.  "I have a question."

"Shoot it." I said, pulling out the large green suitcase with a symbol on it.

"Why haven't you made contact?" Sydney said.

"You've awfully too vague for a girl who passes English."  I said, taking out zhe handle.  I raise my fist up mid air. "I will tackle Triangle."

"His name isn't Triangle, you know, girly." Sydney said, with an eyeroll

Sydney uses the word 'girly' a lot around the popular girls at school.

I roll an  eye.

"Revenge is so sweet." I said.

"When I first met you." Sydney said. "You were all 'Oh, it's sooo good to be bad.' phase." Oh sure I was; it was her who helped me make it not obvious. "The question is why haven't you called the Autobots?" Because I haven't figured a way to take a step forward and use the fact that I'm 'supposedly' dead as a form of pranks on them. "I mean are you even coming back after getting this plastic ite--"

"Sydney." I said. "Call it by that name again and we're not friends anymore." I poke at her chest. "Triangle thought he killed me." I back away from her holding the clean and still damaged handle in my hand. It's hard to move on when people continue calling zhe handle a piece of scrap. I lowered my head towards the floor and added in a whisper. "They all thought I had died.And that's how I landed in a coffin."

I close the luggage. 

"Perhaps it's better that way I can live a normal life." I added, picking up the luggage.

"A life you don't belong in, girly." Sydney said, folding her arms and leans against the table counter. She always does that when making a valid point. Heck she can lean against: A cow, a big dog,or a llama.  "You belong somewhere with those who understand your predicament."

I head  towards the door.

"Well." I said, stopping in front of the door with the luggage in hand. "I'm here."

"So?" Sydney said, raising an eyebrow as she backs off from the counter.

"Being with those who understand my predicament landed me in this conflict."  I said. "It won't be over until zhe bucket is repaired." I look over my shoulder. "I'm not gonna walk mindlessly around searching for a jet. Direct me."

___                           ___                                      ____

.  . . .  Fifteen minutes pass.  . .

.  .  . Near a really creepy house  .  .  .

Sydney and I came to the gates that were covered in weeds, rust, and chains.I swore it reminded me much of a scene from the movie where that old guy comes back from the dead on Halloween and so did everyone, where at the end of the movie it's discovered a student of his own had been murdered by a few kids years ago in the heating (or furnace) room. She had made a marvelous statue of him.

"Doesn't this seem creepy?" I ask, turning my head towards Sydney.

"Eye-eye Keptian." Sydney said.

I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Really funny." I said. "But I don't sound like that."

"Ya don't say."  Sydney said, making a point that my voice does sound as though it has two accents merged into one.

"Ah stop." I said, rolling an eye.

"Not until you admit it." Sydney said.

"Fine." I said. "I admit it." I touch the cold aged bars with weeds growing on them. The weeds feel sharp, soft, and not delicate. "I despise Decepticons. If that wasn't obvious to you."

Sydney opens the gate using her bare hands as though she had powers.The Gates make a loud creepy creak gently sliding forwards.The shadows in the background made chills go up my skin. Sometimes I didn't understand how dead bodies didn't scared me but creepy sounds are the Ingredients to get me scared.

"Close enough." Sydney said.

Sydney guides me to the jet while I tug the luggage full of items. If Ironhide knew I had paid attention to his weapon designing then he would have consulted with Optimus Prime and informed me that I cannot watch him anymore. He would be proud of the devices I had made without anyone's help. I am the lone wolf.

"Hello freak." Catherine said.

Funny, they appeared outta no where.

"Ah!" Sydney shrieks, grabbing at her chest. "Jeez girlys, you should stop joining the Ninja club."

See? Sydney always find a way to use 'girly' around a crowd of girls to decribe them.

"High five." I said, holding my hand up.

"High five!" Sydney said, and we shared a high five.

There is some subjects we don't usually agree on all the time.This is just one of those.

"We are not in the ninja club." Catherine said. "And in fact, we came here to catch a picture of you two traspassing."

Sydney and I burst out laughing. Some of the other kids with Catherine were staring at us puzzled how traspassing is funny. I slapped my knee--not using my hand holding the luggage--not too hard to make a bruise. Their definition of traspassing is amusing, I thought with a giggle. Sydney flicked off a tear from her eyes.

"I hate to be your picture-perfect breaker." Sydney said,taking out this newly advanced device. "But my grandpa OWNS this house."

I never seen kids look so humiliated, stupid, and mind-blown. Sydney held the newly advanced device up--I made that device, all be mesah--while holding it by the knuckle fist structure metal that allowed anyone to be lazy and hold it by a handle sideways.

"She's legit." Alex said, wiggling his glasses.

"Correct." Sydney said, putting the item away.She points her index finger at the gang. "And that makes YOU trespassers!"

"..That device isn't in the markets." Emily said as her eyes were really wide.

I grin.

"That's because I created it." I said, proudly. "It is Bell Technology!"

Ironhide would be so proud of me.

So would Ratchet if he knew I made a 'heart-X-way' machine to detect heart problems.

"Lie!" Catherine screeches like a cat.

I put my hands together.

"If you are happy and you know it." I tap my feet on the grass. "And you're not afraid to show it,clap your hands."

"No." Catherine said, her eyes widening. "Don't butcher it."

"Barney!" Emily squeaks, almost hopping up and down.

"Emily,stop provoking the freak." Catherine instantly snaps.

"Why?" Emily asks. "Didn't you say this gang gets to name any songs we come across that are tied to any fictional character and movies?"

Catherine looks down in shame.

"Alex." Catherine said.

"That was Baker's idea." Alex said in a low type of voice.

Oh and I am still singing while everyone is staring at this really short boy in their group.

"It's a whoooolle new world that I can see!" I sing.  I'm a bit better than before. I sing a lot in my alone time. "Because we are one. I'm practicing on my RAWR!" I dance away from her. "If you are so happy you can't conceal it then stomp your feet!"

Stomp stomp went my feet as we were close to the jet.

Catherine and her friends covered their ears in horror.

"I can be your best friend." I sing, twirling into a circle.

"She can be the best one!"  Sydney sings.

"That you would ever met!" I continue. "I will listen, help you, and make your life a bit amore crazy!"

"You never had a friend like her!" Sydney's singing voice goes higher and pretty musically good.

"You never had a friend like mesah!" I threw zhe handle into the air then took out a ball that has a puzzle squiggly outline and threw  it at the jet. "Because I can't wait to get VENGENCE!" I caught zhe handle and pressed a button  that went off.  "You never had a friend like me."

I caught zhe handle.

Lalal, a image disappeared like a hologram and in replacement was a police like car with a decepticon symbol on the side. The headlights turned a bright deadly and dangerous red. I take out another ball grenade--of my own brilliant making--that had uneven edges and a deceiving look. This item came right outta the luggage.

"You must die." The black and white Decepticon declared. 

"A hologram!" The kids scream.

"Ah ha!" I squeak. "You liars!" I point at them. "You are hypocrites." This unbelievable fountain of rage was pouring out. "You HAVE seen Science Fiction movies! You should stripped of your titles 'better than everyone else'. Your claims; Fine words! I wonder where you stole them.

They were speechless while taking a few steps back from me.I turn my attention back to the gigantic robot that now stood across from me. He seemed to have a favor in Chinese designs, at least that's what I understood his helmet as.

"Nice claws." I complimented his claws. I look up towards the gigantic black and white robot who looks like china had been building him for years. "Where's the 'made in china' letters?" 

"I was made on Cybertron!" The black and white Decepticon argued as he stomps his foot on the floor making the other girls and boys jump a little, assumingly

I smile.

"Wanna claw your optic out?" I ask.

"I am Barricade." Barricade said. 

"Okay, Mr Cade." I said, taking off the lid to the grenade.  "Step aside and watch me burn your tailpipe."

Oh and then he attempted to hit me but I did a back flip and landed on my feet. 

"You miiiissed!"  I said, with a laugh.  I stuck my tongue out and did the peace out sign while doing a 'nah nah nah' king of teasement. "So did Triangle."  

And then like that I threw the grenade fluffy thing at Barricade. The next thing that happened was him tumbling over from this explosion. The other kids ran away except for one girl, who I know wholeheartedly is Syndey, who stuck around when the most unusual happen. Like seriously she was there eleven months ago --everyone speeded off from my unusual thing-- when my eyes were glowing. Thankfully it stopped after five minutes. The best part about it was convincing the teachers that the students were making this up to humiliate me.

"Too bad your energy signature is down." I said, taunting the Decepticon.

"I will not be insulted by a mere human." Barricade said,

"She's not only human." Sydney said.

"Send this message to Starscream." I said. "Live feed; now."

"Why should I take orders from you?" Barricade asks.

"Because your chances of survival goes up and up." Sydney said, answering for me.  "If you refuse; you're gonners."

I saw this blue light from his forehelm.

  "I want zhe bucket back. And if you don't give it back; I suppose your friend will not come out with one hand." I take out a rubber black item with loads of explosiveness built inside.  "I'm not joking, silent one." I have this evil grin. "Kapesh?"

Remember what  I  said about the glow eyes incident?

Well that's what happened. Except Barricade used a hologram and I got to humiliate the kids once more! Logically if he had his signature on then Autobots would have been crashing into the scene to fight him off. So my logic is pretty sound. Oh I love seeing the bullies get told they should stop with the craziness. Because really, I am the crazy one.

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