No Mates

Helen lives in a world were everyone has a soul mate. They walk side by side always and never cheat. But there's one problem. Helen does not have a soul mate.


1. No Mate

     The air grasped her with it's thin sharp claws. The wind howled behind her as she shut the lagging door of her apartment.

    Mates wandered around and laughed into the crisp air with love dripping from their throats. She stepped onto the fallen leaves with her boots and crunched her way down the stairs and onto the cracked side walk were the monsters of her past bounded happily taunting her with easiness.

   "Hey!" a voice cried behind her. She swirled only to find a woman dash past her and into the arms of her awaiting mate. She grimaced with immense pain and shoved her gloves into the crinkles of her pockets.

   Cars honked. The sun waved goodbye to the fellow people that left icy trails. She walked. Her beanie covered the remains of her curly hair. They looked honey dripped in the melting sun. The tears started dripping about three minutes after everyone had said goodbye and shut themselves in the safeness of their home. They came in ugly sprinkles and rained down her throat.

"You okay?" she jumped again. Her head snapped up and noticed the stranger in front of her. An cool breath left her strangled throat and crawled down to the edge of her skin.

"Yeah," she told the stranger solemnly. She didn't look into his heart melting eyes. They were a knife that pierced her heart with the thinnest blade.

"Well okay then, wouldn't want a pretty lady like you to be crying. Where's your mate anyway?" he questioned. It was clear that he had noticed the slight tension she felt in her heart.

"Don't have one." she whispered angrily. She dared to look into his eyes. They were grassy green and glimmered silently.

"Impossible." he stated flirtatiously. He rolled his hand through his blonde hair.


"Mitch!" a squeal wisped into the air. A girl appeared beside the stranger and pulled his hand. "Come on babe. We're going to be late."


And there she stood, Helen. The girl with no heart. The girl who stood and watched her mate roll away with a perky red head who dripped perfume and beauty. And she didn't even do anything.

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