The One Who Saved Me

Amelia Lane is a mute. She has been ever since her father passed away and left her with her alcoholic mother. She felt like there was no need to talk. Amelia felt like all the joy that was left in her world is gone. Ashton Grey is a talkative guy. He is the golden boy. Ashton is a great basketball player, but not the best, and is very smart.

Ashton never knew of Amelia's existence until she needed a tutor for English class. What will happen when these two cross paths?


1. Introduction

   My life has always been an empty void. Something was always missing, whether it was my dad, or a friend that can lend a shoulder, or even someone, or something, to just be there and keep me company. It has been like that ever since my dad passed away. He left me, all alone, to defend for myself. 

   My mom, my mom, I can not find the right words to describe except that she is a complete mess. My mom is an alcoholic. She went to treatments, but after returning to the same old place, the same old habits returned. It was a repeating cycle with her. My dad, well he was an amazing man. He was always putting up with my mother and her absurd personality. Then, one day, something tragic happened. He was in a drunk driving accident.

   And me? Well I am just your average girl, with just one exception. After my dad passed away, I figured why do I need a voice? I can never voice out my thoughts because it is not like someone is going to be listening. After my dad died, I made a firm decision to be a mute.



A/n: This is a remake of one of my other stories. I'm going to try and write this one, as I completely forgot about the other one. ^.^


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