Falling Empire

This war has not ended...and I will finish it one and for all


7. Onward

Helen waved goodbye. 


I was walking out of the village after a night at Helen's house. It was sunny and cold at the same time. I pulled up my light sweater up to my chin. Snow-topped mountains loomed ahead. The king's castle was a day's walk away after the mountains. "I am almost there", I said aloud. My voice slightly echoed across the land. I was steadily walking towards the entrance to the mountains. As I came closer the air was getting chillier. The flat ground started sloping upwards and the villages were becoming mere dots on the flat barren land. Soon the mountains curved downwards, and I started stumbling because gravity was pulling down on me. 

The terrain became hilly and other mountains loomed ahead. The biggest mountain was HUGE. About 5 times the size of the mountain I just climbed. It would provide shelter and keep me hidden from the king and his people. The sun was slowly setting and I needed a good place to camp for the night. When the sun finally set I decided on a large cave that was embedded into a mountain. I started a fire inside and needed to find something to eat for dinner. I found a mountain goat and roasted it. It tasted like rubber and I immediately spat it out. There was no good food in the mountains, that was one down side, but other than that I loved the mountains. They gave me a sense of protection. My empire was in between two mountains. 

After my less than great dinner I prepared for bed when I heard the clomp of horses. I suddenly became full alert. I crouched behind a rock and peeked a look out. They were guards from the king. I doused the fire and crouched behind a rock. They stopped at the cave. The leader yelled "Scour the cave!" The scurried into the cave. I crawled back farther in the cave. The guards were dangerously close to me. One smart one decided to look behind every crevice and rock. The guard spotted me and picked me up by the ear. He scowled and dragged me to the leader. The had a malicious grin when I was brought to him. "Oh yes. Yes. The king will be very pleased!" 


He gathered all his comrades and headed back out of the mountains towards the empire. 

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