Falling Empire

This war has not ended...and I will finish it one and for all


4. Iron Heart

The strong wind whipped my hair.


I was walking on the rock pathway that was leading away from Zunwa. The cries of the merchants were being left far behind. I took a deep breath and the scent of the pine trees filled up my nose. I was beyond excited. I was finally going to take down the king. 

Suddenly I heard rushing footsteps behind me. I spun around and saw Hilda Benson running my way. I tried to quicken my pace and failed when I saw her running beside me. Now I was getting really irritated with her. 

"Please. Can you just please stop bothering me!", I said so loudly she flinched at took a step, to back away from me. Now if she would just keep backing away from me and run away and never return. 

"Please can you just hear us out.", said Hilda. I can assure that you won't get bored. 

I looked at her for a long time. She kept looking at me anticipating for my answer. I finally gave her my answer by walking back to Zunwa. Her face showed her relief and she stumbled along with me. 


Hilda lead me to a run down shed near the edge of Zunwa. The smell was different here. It was more stale and smelled more of farm animals. 

The building was made of cedar wood and had an unfinished look to it. The door was made of the same material and was painted bright blue. Kind of an unusual combination but it looked like it worked for them. 

The inside was not much different. The interior walls looked like they mashed oak and maple together to create a multi shaded wall. A fire was crackling in a homemade fireplace. There was a table and a set of chairs in the middle of it all. There were the same people that came to her room in the inn. They were smiling like I had all the time in the world for them. 

One of them stood up and said, "The names Cocky

And then one by one they started introducing themselves. 






The last one was quiet and I could barely hear her. She whispered "Lindsay" 

I stared at them. They were a bunch of maniacs I thought to myself. 

Jedi offered me a chair with crumbs on it. I dusted the crumbs off and sat down carefully keeping a tight grip on my bow. Hilda started talking. 

"I'd like you to meet my colleagues. They were very excited to meet you."

"Now let us tell our story of how we started." 

It all started with when the new king was being announced. By his malicious face and his sly grin I could tell he was up to no good, and I was right. He was ruling very unfairly and was constantly asking the poor villages for taxes. He said that the taxes were hard at work to protect their villages and home, but it turned out he was just keeping the money for himself, using it to throw lavish parties and banquets. He was inviting all the rich people, while letting the poor people suffer. 

That's when I decided I needed to do something to stop this So I put together a group and we have been searching for more people everyday. And that is why we followed you Katarzayna, we hoped that you would join us and stop the king from his acts. 

She concluded with a sigh. I pondered her story, weighing if it was true or not. I gave her the "why should I trust you" look and she immediately understood. She kept trying to assure me that their story is true. I showed them my response by turning away and heading out the door. Jedi ran after me trying to coax me back, but Hilda told her it as no use, and that I turned down her offer. 

I walked towards the exit keeping a sharp eye on the people. the back gates of Zunwa once again came into view. I was happy to get rid of these people. They were on my back the whole time. 

As I was passing, I gave the guard a nod and headed out of Zunwa for the last time. 




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