Falling Empire

This war has not ended...and I will finish it one and for all


8. Falling Empire

They horses walked into the empire. 


The guards had determined looks on their faces. They horses  clomped towards the big bronze gates. They entered the empire and directed the horses towards the big castle that towered all the other buildings. The castle got closer and soon the guards the stood in front of it could be seen. The guards just gave them a knowing nod and let them in. 

The king was sitting in a throne made of gold. The king himself was tall. Taller than the guards. One of the guards got off his horse and bowed. He said "Sir, I brought the person you wanted!" The king stood up and glanced over me. "Take her to the dungeons." The guard nodded and pulled my shirt trying to drag me across the floor to the dungeons. That's when I knew what to do. I reached back and pulled out my bow and smacked against the guards face. He slumped down on to the ground.

Then I quickly pulled out an arrow and nocked it, aiming it at the King’s heart. He just laughed and moved to the side. I let the arrow fly but the King ducked just in time. Then I noticed a loose piece of ledge right on top of the King’s head. I pointed another arrow at the ledge. He said “Girl, your arrow is pointing in the wrong direction!”, and with that he just kept on laughing. He may be fast, but he was not smart. I let my arrow go and it landed on the ledge making it fall on the King’s head, burying him in timber. I gasped and took a step back. I ran to the pile and took of the wood. The King was laying there, his breath coming in big heavy gasps. He was not dead but badly injured. He slowly stood up and lunged at me. Then you won’t believe this, but Ryder came in, with his big ax. He threw the ax at the King and it landed home with a sickening thud, on his heart. The King coughed up blood and slumped on the ground. He was dead. I stood still, my jaw dropping at Ryder’s appearance. He looked so much stronger with his muscles and ripped up leather jacket. Ryder came over and hugged me tightly. “I was so worried about you, so I followed you. I hope you aren’t mad.” I smiled and replied, “No, no of course not. I’m just glad that you are safe and that you came in at the right time.”

Ryder suddenly pulled me in close for a kiss. It was short but it meant a lot to me.

We walked out of the empire, the king left behind. I thought we had finally won our justice but I was wrong. When we went outside, there were guards swarming onto the castle grounds, ready for battle. I automatically readied my bow and started aiming wildly, trying get them to back up. But they wouldn't budge. One of the guards yelled "For the king!" and everybody repeated the phrase. The guard who had yelled started thundering toward me. My bow was ready and sent arrows flying everywhere. The guards fell down one by one. Ryder helped by swinging his ax around and surprising people by lodging it in their backs when they were not looking. The more people came to fight on our side. From my city. They were my people. The ran and started fighting alongside. The guards knew they were out numbered now.

We won the battle once and for all. 

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