Falling Empire

This war has not ended...and I will finish it one and for all


9. Epilogue

I hear children laughing in the distance. 


Every so often I look back at my diary and reflect on the war. Ryder tells me I should move on and forget about it. But for some reason that was kind of hard for me. Probably because I wanted justice for so long and when it finally came I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that we were free now. 

I looked up from my diary and saw Ryder grinning from ear to ear. He sat down next to me and put his arms around my shoulders. I closed my diary and set it down next to me. 

The sky above me was a brilliant orange from the sun setting in the west. After the war, Ryder and I became even closer. We trained together, and ate together, and solved problems together. Ryder was now my other half. 

The people of my village seemed much happier now. The children even played outside. Before, they were too scared to leave their houses because of the guards who came through everyday. 

We were working on expansions for our small village. After people heard about the death of the King, they started travelling from far to live in our village. 

Ryder and I often took walks to talk about stuff. I feel like I can confide anything in Ryder. 


I was wondering what I would do now that the King was dead. I was pretty sure that another adventure would come along soon enough. 


The sun was almost under the horizon and the first stars could be seen. The moon was revealing itself from the thin shroud of clouds that covered it. Ryder and I talked until the moon and stars were the only things left in the night sky. 


I looked up and smiled. 

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