Falling Empire

This war has not ended...and I will finish it one and for all


5. Darker

My feet were becoming sore


I was walking away from Zunwa with a smile on my face. The scenery after Zunwa was even more serene. The trees were a luscious green and I could hear the birds chirping contentedly. Many miles passed and my clothes became more grimy. As nightfall came I decided to set up camp. It was hard to find dry firewood, but I eventually found some near a tree. I started the fire and leaned back on a rock. The warmth was mesmerizing and was making my eyes droop. 

Suddenly I heard a rustling noise. Immediately grabbing my bow I stood up and spun around looking for what produced the noise. More rustling and I saw the bush shake. I crouched behind a rock and readied my bow. A rabbit came out of the bush and I pointed my arrow at the heart of the rabbit. I let the arrow go and it hit home. This was going to be my dinner. The smell of rabbit meat went up my nose as I was roasting the animal. After the satisfying dinner I rolled out  my sleeping bag, set it beside the fire and closed my eyes for a few seconds. I saw myself stringing my arrow and pointing it at the king's heart.  That was enough for me,all I needed was a small glimpse of the future.

I put out the fire and finally closed my eyes for sleep. During the night I was tossing and turning, until tense sleep over came me. 



 My eyes woke to a figure bending over me with a confused expression. I stood up with a start and clung to my bow getting ready to aim it. Behind her were four or five more people. She turned around and said something to a man in an  ancient language, that I had only heard of before. The man nodded and she turned around to face me.

"Hold out your palm please", she said in heavily accented English. 

"Why?", I asked cautiously. 

"Please just do it."

I held out my palm and she examined it carefully looking through my fingers. She stood up with a determined confidence. She nodded back to the man and the man said something in the ancient language. 

By this time I was intrigued. I suddenly had this urge to learn the language. It sounded so beautiful. 

"Can you please teach me this language", I asked reluctantly. He nodded and taught me my first word: Zybon. Which meant beautiful. 

He told me in English that I was one of them. I was very confused. What did it mean I was one of them. 

"I mean you are a Darker, which means you are a special type of assassin. Oh you will help us tremendously."

"Wait Wait, who saying I am joining you.", I said. "Do you know who I am?" 

"Yes we do. You are Katarzyna Devereaux. president of the Dark Eye Society."

I sure was a big name around here. I was starting to feel a little scared of myself. I don't even know what I am or what I am fully capable of. This was getting complicated. I wish Ryder was here. He would know what to do. I took a deep breath and said "Where are you headed?" 

"Towards the mountains. And then to the king's castle." 

"You are traitors! You are working with the king!" 

"No! No! We're not. We want him down. 

I looked them up and down. They stared back at me. The silence was unnerving. I turned around and started walking away. They followed. I went faster. They went faster. I knew one thing, they were sticking with me. Might as well let them.

I kept walking for hours. The sun was high in the sky when I decided to stop for lunch. I caught a deer and made a fire to roast it. Everyone was eating messily, spilling meat everywhere. When we were done we continued walking. The sun was slowly setting. I knew the nearest village was an hour's walk away. The village was near to the port, where I was going to take a boat to the mountains. Across from the mountains was the king's castle. 


The village was nearing, and I could see the smoke coming out of a chimney. I craved for the warmth. As I came closer I could see people. They were carrying supplies to a wagon, and they all seemed to be in distress. I ran towards them and stopped in front of a pretty woman. 

"What is going on here?" 

"The king is sending an army to attack the small villages like ours. We are trying to flee."

"I can help!" I have a bow and some people.The can help too." 

"Thank you so much!", she said while hurrying away.

I turned around and asked them what weapons they have. Only one man held a ax. I face palmed myself. Who were these people. 

I could hear the clattering hooves of the king's horses. The villagers and I lined up creating a wall in front of the village. 

I said "3,2,1" and we all ran into battle.    



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