Falling Empire

This war has not ended...and I will finish it one and for all


3. Dark Eyes

The thick silence hung in the air.


"The Shadow People?", I asked with an uncertainty. I was reaching back for my arrows, suddenly when a man waved his hands and said, "No  no, no need for that! We come in peace!"  

'Then how do I know you are not sent from the king of Venizen Amosh" , I said as I was stringing my bow. 

That Hilda women came forward and said " You have mistaken us. We are not from the king or any of the people from the ministry. As I said before we are the Shadow People."

"Then tell me who are you. And don't say you are the shadow people. Explain yourselves. 

I was starting to get irritated of these people. They were still standing there when I looked up.

"What do you want!", I spat. 

"We just want your help and wise knowledge.

Knowledge? What was this women thinking. 

"I am sorry you must be mistaken. I am not the woman you are looking for."

"Oh, but you are" 

"Look ma'am, I can handle myself. I don't want people on my back right now. And if you knew who I was, then you would be cowering under me right now, asking for mercy."

"We know who you are. You are Katarzyna Devereaux, president of the Dark Eye society. You are a big name in our city. We feel honored to meet you."

I did not let the flattering hinder me. I was on solid ground. 

"Leave," I said pointing towards the door, "And never come back again, and if you do, I will personally tear you heads off. They reluctantly went out the door. As I was shutting the door, Hilda said "You will regret your decision.' 

I bolted the door and smiled smugly. I bet I won't. 




  I woke up to find a note on the night table. I opened it. This is what it read.


Dear Katarzyna, 

We should have explained ourselves more last night. We are not working with the king or the ministry. the Shadow People is a society to overthrow the king. We certainly do not want to rule. We just want a fair ruler. We were hoping you would help us, since you are such a great assassin. We even hope you would take your his place as ruler.

I know this might be too much to ask right now, since you just arrived at Zunwa. You must be planning to stay a few days here. Our headquarters are here too. Everyone is anticipating your visit. 


So please come. 


We are waiting.

The Shadow People



So they really think I can help them. I will meet their people then decide, but first I needed breakfast. 

I grabbed my bow and quiver and exited the room. The smell of eggs and toast wafted from the kitchen. I walked down to the dining hall and saw many people chattering. I sat down on an empty chair and and made my plate. The eggs were almost finished and the toast was cold. I quickly finished my food and went upstairs. I heaved my bag upon my shoulders and stepped outside the inn. 

The sun was warm on my back and the clouds were casting pleasant shadows on the pathway. Stepping into a mob of people felt like getting sucked into a black hole I was going to buy some supplies and head out of Zunwa. 

There were tents every where with merchants yelling their items and prices. I headed towards a blacksmith, hoping he had spare axes. I also needed to get my bow repaired. He gladly did the work. I paid him and continued on. 

Food trucks were in abundance. I bought a couple of pieces of bread and fruit. I ate the fruit right away, and stored the bread for later. The back gates of Zunwa were open. I started walking faster towards it. The guards were unsmiling and never minded their own business. They questioned everybody. As I came closer, one of them gave me a disgusted look, like I was a sewer rat.

"Why are you leaving this city", one asked. 

"Because I want to, and you have no right to ask people questions. 

"Rules are rules. We were ordered to do so ma'am. 

I thought of a comeback.

"Hmph! No wonder no one wants to come to Zunwa. Everybody is mean and too inquisitive.


I kept walking, leaving the guard surprised. 




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