Falling Empire

This war has not ended...and I will finish it one and for all


6. Battle of Eternity

The battle raged on.


Swords clashed swords. Arrows landed home with sickening thuds. I kept nocking  arrow after arrow. Aiming it everywhere. The king also had air fighters throwing rocks and bombs at the ground. They really intended to literally tear down villages. My arrows were running out and it looked like a soldier always came in after one died. The villagers were also working hard. Their faces showed fierce expressions. They really care for their homes until they died. 

I spun around smacking a soldier in the face with my bow. He covered his face to stop the blood. One of arrows landed in another soldier's stomach. He fell to the floor doubled over. Any new soldiers stopped coming and we only had about 50 or so left. I was getting tired and the soldiers were going down one by one. When the last one was killed I slumped down on the ground chest heaving. The villagers were all just lying or talking to their friends, and even crying. Everyone was exhausted and relieved. I stood up and went over to the lady who told me that the soldiers were coming. 


"Do you need help with anything else?"

"No. Thank you!", she said with a weariness in her voice. I asked her if I could stay the night. She gladly accepted and told me I could stay over at her home. She led me to a quaint little cottage. Smoke was coming out of the chimney and the smells of dinner were wafting through the windows. 

When I stepped in I immediately felt the warmth of the fire crackling in the corner. It had a homey feeling to it. The couches were made from used leather, with scratches all over it. The kitchen was also tiny and cramped.

"I forgot to introduce myself. I am Helen Lorraine and this is my mom Mariella." , the girl said pointing to herself and her mother.  

I took a deep breath and smelled chicken and gravy. My stomach rumbled and I realized I hadn't eaten for a while. Helen grabbed my hand and took me to the table. It so filled up with food that even I couldn't choose what to eat. I decided on a light bowl of fruit and a glass of water. That's it. Helen's mom tried to persuade me to eat more but I was full and tense. Helen showed me to a room and left me alone. I set down my bow and arrow on the nigh table and took a photo out of my back pocket. It was a picture of Ryder. My favorite picture of Ryder. It was a few years ago when he had his 14th birthday. He hated it so he gave it to me. His dirty blond hair was sweeped of to one side and is electric blue yes were giddy with excitement. His smile was wide with white teeth showing making him look like a lunatic. He was perfect looking. I missed him so much. He was probably so angry with me right now and that made me even sadder for some reason. 

I put the photo back and landed with a heap on the bed. I also missed home so much. 


With a lot of tossing and turning I finally fell asleep.

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