Adopted~ Zayn Malik Love Story

Sadie is a normal 17 year old girl except for the fact that she is in foster care. She thinks nobody will ever adopt her. Until one night she goes to a One Direction concert and becomes friends with the lads. What happens when a certain Irish member tells his mom about her? Will he finally have a sister? Will she fall for a certain black haired quiff loving lad?


5. Chapter 5

~Niall's P.O.V.~

We had just gotten to the arena and the lads and I went to the dressing room and to the huge bathroom. As we were all getting dressed we heard Sarina and Sadie starting to talk at first we were ignoring it until we were ready to go and we heard.


"It hurts to say the least. There is not a day that goes by where I am not thinking about that day." we all looked at each other with sad looks. "Oh my gosh I shouldn't have asked her about her brother." I said


"Niall we all were wondering what happened. Don't get down on yourself." Liam said


I know it isn't right to eavesdrop but we were all curious. "That day will always be the worst day of my life, that was the day I not only lost my brother the only guy that loved me but that was the day I lost the will to live." Did I just hear that right was she going to kill herself oh my gosh. I looked at the lads and they were all thinking the same thing. 


"If it wasn't for you and your family, Marry, and being introduced to the guys music I honestly don't think I would be alive right now."  We all looked at each other and had little smiles on our faces.


"I feel a little good we were able to help her without even knowing it." Harry said


"Yeah she is such a sweet girl and went through all that." Louis said


"Lads I was thinking if we can figure out here favorite song by us..." 


"Remember on the bus she said that she liked 'Moments' and 'Little Things'." I said


"Okay thanks Niall. Anyways can we bring her out on stage and sing her those two songs just for her." Zayn asked with a hint of blush.


"You like her don't you Zayn and yeah I think we should." Liam said and everyone nodded. While Zayn sat there blushing and nodded.


"You don't know how many times that it has crossed my mind to just give up on the world. Chase was the only guy that loved me for being me and didn't want me to change. He was the only family I had left and without him I have nothing. I have you but honestly how long will we last. You are now going out with a world famous band member and you will eventually leave me to be with him. Then who will I have no one to love our care for me the way you and Chase did." Aww i feel so bad for her. We all wanted to rush out to her and wrap her up in hugs until we heard Sarina start talking.


"Sadie I will never leave you no matter what. I may not be in the same country as you but i will always be here for you. Don't ever feel like you don't have a place on this earth because you do. Also you do have family you have me, my parents, and now I am almost a hundred percent certain that all the guys including Paul think of you as family now." The lads and I nodded at that it is so true. 


"Chase wouldn't want you to be this sad he would want you to live your life without looking down. Who knows what is going to happen in this thing we call life but always now I will always be right here by your side no matter what." 


We had just opened the door when we saw and heard Sadie say, "Sarina you don't know how much that means to me." Right before she feel into Sarina's arms crying.


"I think I do." Right then and there the lads and I through the door open and ran to the girls and wrapped the both of them in a huge group hug. 


"Sadie I am so sorry that I asked you about your brother but don't ever think no one cares about you. That is so not true the lads and I care about you so much even though we just met. We can also tell you that Sarina cares for you so much because when we got on the bus to come and get you she would not stop talking about how special you were to her." I said while the lads nodded 

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