Adopted~ Zayn Malik Love Story

Sadie is a normal 17 year old girl except for the fact that she is in foster care. She thinks nobody will ever adopt her. Until one night she goes to a One Direction concert and becomes friends with the lads. What happens when a certain Irish member tells his mom about her? Will he finally have a sister? Will she fall for a certain black haired quiff loving lad?


3. Chapter 3

~Sadie's P.O.V.~

"Okay lets start from the beginning. When we were younger I had a older brother and we all wanted to go to the beach. We were all in the ocean just swimming around having a good time when a wave came and took off her shirt thankfully she had a swim top on." I said and Sarina gave me a glare.


"Really?" they all asked


"Yeah thankfully she had a swim top on."


"Yeah. Hey Sadie if you have an older brother why don't you live with him?" Niall asked


"Niall! Sadie you don't have to answer that." Sarina said


"No it is okay. Well I was living with my brother when he was old enough to move us out of the foster home. He went to work one day like normal while I was at school. I walked home form school like I normally would do, when I turned the corner to go to my house standing in front of my house was two officers. I got to the front door and they asked if I was Sadie and I told them I was. They told me that on the way to work my brother got into a car accident and died on impact. He got hit by a semi-truck were the driver fell asleep at the wheel." I said trying not to cry.


Sarina saw this and ran to me and wrapped me into a hug. "Shhhhhhhh. It is okay." she said pulling me closer


"I am so sorry Sadie, I shouldn't have asked you that. Do you want a hug?" Niall said 


"Ni I kinda already am hugging her." Sarina said


"It is alright Niall and sure." I said I mean who wouldn't want to get a hug from Niall Freaking Horan. Niall opened his arms wide and I gave him a hug. "I am so sorry again." he whispered in my ear.


"It is alright." I said into his chest.


After mine and Niall's hug everyone else said sorry and then Paul came to the back said hi to me and told everyone else that we were at the venue. We all piled out of the bus and went into the arena.

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