Adopted~ Zayn Malik Love Story

Sadie is a normal 17 year old girl except for the fact that she is in foster care. She thinks nobody will ever adopt her. Until one night she goes to a One Direction concert and becomes friends with the lads. What happens when a certain Irish member tells his mom about her? Will he finally have a sister? Will she fall for a certain black haired quiff loving lad?


2. Chapter 2

~Sadie's P.O.V.~

Sarina and I walked out the door and sitting in my driveway was a giant tour bus.






"What's that?" I asked pointing towards the bus.


"Oh that's our ride. You know how I told you to be ready early so we could go and hangout with the boys before the concert?" I nodded my head "Well we are going with them down there. Since they're staying at my house."


"Okay you could've told me."


"If I told you it wouldn't have been a surprise now would it."


"No, well yeah maybe."


"See, come on the boys and Paul are waiting." Sarina grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bus and up the steps. "Guys I am back with Sadie. Harry you better be dressed."


"I am cuggle bear don't worry." Harry yelled


"You never know with you Hairbear."


"Uh. Sarina?"




"What's with the nicknames?"


"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. Uh how do I put this Harry, Louis, and Niall are my cousins and Liam and Zayn are my best friends."


"I heard my name Bear. Vas Happening?" Zayn said


"Oh I was just telling my friend Sadie how I am related to Niall, Harry, and Louis and you and Liam are my best friends."


"Oh nice to meet you Sadie, Sarina has told us a lot about you." Zayn said 


"It's nice to meet you to." I said


"Okay lets go meet the rest of the boys." Sarina said and I nodded and she grabbed my hand and led me to the rest of the boys. "Okay Sadie this is Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam."


"Hi Sadie." They all said.




"Oh and Sadie just so you know, Liam and Sarina are kinda going out." Zayn said


"Shut up Zayn." Sarina yelled and blushed. 


"I would like to tell my best friend that." I just laughed at her.


"Hey Sarina Ballerina your a tomato." I said 


"Shut up Sadie! I am not!"


"Yeah you are go look in the mirror. It's like the time we went to the beach with Chase."


"What happened with Chase?" Liam asked

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