Smile For Me (BoyxBoy)

*Stiles POV*: “Dad.” I said nervously. “Can we sit down for a minute to talk?” I felt my heart pounding against my rib cage. “Of course kiddo.” Amy looked confused but tooned into the conversation as well, which I didn’t mind. They were both part of my life and they both needed to hear it. I looked at them both before I paced a little, averting my eyes from theirs. “Spit it out!” Amy laughed. If only it was that easy. “You know that I have having trouble with the ladies?” I said. “It’s because-” I huffed in a big breath of air. “I don’t like the ladies.”
*Elliot’s POV*: “Please don’t hate me man.” I spat before I even had time to explain myself. “Pinky promise me you will not scream like a little girl and tell everyone." I said. “Yes yes now spit it out!” He yelled anxiously. “You know how it never worked out with emily, or rose. Not even Natalie." I closed my eyes tight before letting them open again. “That’s because-” I tried to keep my body from shaking. “I like guys, Matt.”


1. Honorary Bookworm

Chapter 1 - Honorary Bookworm

*Elliot’s POV*


I had no problem concentrating up until this point. Libraries were made for studying and/or enjoying a good book, but here I was, struggling to even add two plus two while some boy in the fiction section kept glancing my way. Was he glancing my way? I looked down at my workbook then up to the other side of me, making sure he wasn’t really interested in some girl sitting in my proximity, yet no one was sitting anywhere near me. He really must be staring at me. I felt my cheeks get hot and took a quick peek in his direction again. He was now smiling shamelessly as he had his nose in some book called Mockingjay, which I have never heard of.


I watched from the corner of my eye as he disappears into the aisle. I bit my bottom lip, disappointed by his absence. It wasn’t everyday a cute someone looked my way. Okay so maybe there were cute people looking my way, but 99.9% of the time they were of the female gender but to be honest, I wasn’t interested in the female population. Of course No one knew that. my friend’s all thought I was a boy like any other being a fan of boobs and all that, but I wasn’t. I enjoyed cute boys and abs and… I got nervous just thinking about boys. I never had a boy be interested in me!


After a minute of trying to tell myself I wasn’t going to die or have a panic attack, I finally got settled back to my horrifying Algebra I homework. It honestly wasn’t even as hard as every other person in my class made it. The problem was no one payed any attention to what the teachers were actually getting paid to do. Everyone freshman is just too busy being thrilled over the fact that they’re in highschool now. I on the other hand, didn’t find it to be anything to get rattled up about, people getting bullied, people being judged, rumours were passed around. What is the fun in any of that? Why do you think I wasn’t openly interested in the male gender?


My thoughts were placed on hold as I jumped when something slammed down on the table I was working at. I looked up holding my chest in fear for my very life being taken by an axe murderer, until I saw who it was. The boy who had been eyeing me was right in front of my eyes. My heart began to race as I took in his features up close. Long brown hair, light brown eyes to send someone into a coma, and big thick glasses that made him look twice as cute.


“Is anyone sitting here?” He asked. I shook my head no, not being able to find my voice. “Good.” He smiled. I watched as he plopped down and made himself comfortable, but then he looked at me funny. “Are you alright?” He questioned me with those brown eyes.


I looked down at my homework I wasn’t going to be finishing anytime soon. I pretended to write things down but it seems my heart was running a little too fast. I never really had a cute boy talk to me. I never really talked to a cute boy. What was wrong with me, he was human, probably a douche. I just have to convince myself he is a douche bag. Wait he asked me a question. Talk Elliot talk!


“Yeah, I am fine. Why do you care?” I mentally face palmed when it came out a little too harsh.


He was now looking at me with this annoyed expression. “If you didn’t want me sitting here you could of said something.” He picked up the book he slammed down earlier and pushed in his chair. I watched as I messed up a completely innocent conversation all because he was cute. Dear God, why do I do this to myself?


*Stiles’ POV*


When Sam told me that Mockingjay was finally up for grabs at the library I mentally did a happy dance. It wasn’t my fault I was an honorary bookworm. I just have been wanting to read this book for months and the way that Catching fire ended, anyone could understand the agony of waiting for this book to free of another’s grimy fingers. The hard part about this was, I struggled to find this so-called library Sam was talking about. Being a Freshman totally did not have it’s perks.


I dropped my skateboard down on the slick tile floors, listening to it’s echo as it hit the floor and I began to ride. I knew I weren’t supposed to be skate in the halls, but I didn’t have much time left before the end of school and I really needed this book. Why couldn’t Samantha tell me where this mystical library was before she left me to fend for myself. This is what upperclassmen friends were for, right? Helping you learn the ropes of this foreign place.


I snuck by a few teachers before getting yelled at for skating in the school. I used the only excuse I could come up with. “I am new here, i didn’t know.” I mentally slapped myself because it was the worst excuse on the face of this earth but it was all I could muster up to get out of their trap to give me a good ol’ fashion rant about the rules and policies of Winchester High.


Practically running now, I found the fiction section of the library and gave a ten minute look for the book. Once I found it, in the wrong spot mind you, I picked it up and began to open it, not being about to let myself be in the dark about Katniss any longer. And like some nerd, I was standing there, in the end of the aisle, reading. I looked up and spotted what looked to be the most adorable boy I saw in my entire life. He actually made me want to put this glorious book down. I loved to shamelessly flirt with someone who interested my eyes more than a hardback with a couple hundred pages.


And like the heavens were smiling down on me this fine day, something gave him the urge to look up and spot me. I continued to glance, not hiding my interests in his appearance. He seemed to catch on to my staring because he looked back a couple of times too. His face began to get red and I couldn’t help but show my smile to him.


Now the best part was to see if they were actually into you. I walked into the aisle so he could no longer see me. I moved a book off the shelf so I could get a good look of him and just as I suspected, he continued to look back at my original spot. I felt my smile grew bigger as what I sensed was disappointment plastered on his innocent looking face.


Gets them every time.  


Once he was looking down, I walked over to make my next move. I placed my precious gem on the table, which seemed to startle the poor fellow. I asked if I could take a seat and he nodded. He looked a bit nervous and I couldn’t help but ask if he was going to throw up, because it looked like he was just going to pass out and die.


“Yeah, I am fine. Why do you care?” He Asked. I sensed a bit of hostility in his tone, which didn’t entirely please me so I got out of there. I thought he was checking me out too but all he was checking out was a book on how to be a grouch. I was just trying to be polite. This is where I get myself everytime I try and be nice to someone. Sam Told me to work on my social skills but clearly she was in the wrong.


I rushed out of the doors of the highschool when I spotted Sam sitting on the bench, outside, alone.“So I saw this cute boy right?” I told Sam without hesitation.  


She jumped at the sudden outburst but a smile grew on her pretty pink lips. “And let me guess, hook, line, and sinker?”


As if. “He totally gave me the cold shoulder.” I huffed, sitting down on the bench beside her, resting my feet on my board.


“Were you being pushy?” She asked. “You tend to be a bit pushy when you try and play nice.”


“This is what happens when you tell me to not be myself!” I argued.


She shrugged. “You will find another, just as long as you play nice.” She sounded as if she was reassuring herself. Her life coaching skills were being tested at this very moment and I was beginning to question if this was the way she wanted to play it with me.


“Only you can love me for my attitude.” I shrugged. It was time to face the truth.


Nodding her head and standing up, Sammy said, “It’s hard being Samantha Katherine Jackson.”


“Right.” I said slowly. “I am sure it really is a difficult life.”


A car pulled up. Sam kissed me on the cheek. “My boyfriend is here, I must leave you now.” She said dramatically.


“See you later.” I hollered back.


As I sat there, alone on the bench, I thought about how that guy was actually rather adorable. Green eyes, curly, short, brown hair and light freckles on his nose. I shook the image of him out of my head, Why was I always attracted to the straight douche bags?


There was an obnoxious honk of a car and I immediately jumped and looked up. My dad had been probably waiting for what seemed like a while because his facial expression looked upsetting. I jolted up out of my seat and made my way over to the truck, throwing my things in then hopping into the front seat.


“Always daydreaming.” He stated. “So how was your day kiddo?”


I shrugged. “Alright.”


“Meet any cute girls yet?”


I shrugged again, this time a little irritated. “Not really.”


So, I haven’t actually told my dad about my liking for the opposite sex yet. I honestly never planned on telling him either, no matter what Sam said to talk me in to it. “come on, it will bring you guys closer!” She tells me. I always thought about it and wondered if she was right but then ignored it. My relationships didn’t matter, my dad didn’t have to know every single detail about my live, right?


The rest of the ride home was silent, except for my dad’s sudden road rage every once in a while. Things like: “Why the f*** are you stopping!?” and “GET OUT OF MY WAY!” I know that it should of been something I gotten used to by now, but I wasn’t and it gave me headaches everytime he shouted vulgar things at random strangers.


When I finally escaped the madness that is my father I walked into our two story home, greeted by the smell of pumpkins and my father’s girlfriend, Amy. “Hey punk.” She greeted me.


I playfully rolled my eyes at her. “Says you.” I snorted, setting my things down on one of the kitchen chairs.


“Your dad and I are going out on a date.” She informed me. “So I have taco bell right here for you.”


I smiled wildly as I snatched it off the counter, dumping the plastic bag’s remains for my delicious treat. I thank her parents in my mind everyday for bringing her into this world. “Thanks Amy!” I shouted, excitedly.


“Anytime man.” She smiled. I was totally thankful my dad found someone pretty awesome, mom would be happy too.


My mom had me when she was really young and died a couple years later. After that, my dad had to fend for just the both of us while he was trying to get his head on straight with a son, being as young as he was. I remember him moping around a lot when I was still small, even picked up a smoking habit and looked all sad all the time. It was just more than a high school fling, my parents were madly in love and my mom passing hit him pretty hard. That’s until he met Amy, the light of his live. I wasn’t upset like most kids got when their parent decides to move on. I was actually thrilled when Amy came along cause she was really cool and was like a mother to me and I was glad my dad and I had her in our lives.


I munched on my taco as I reminisced in the good motherly things Amy had done for me before sauce packets got thrown my way. I really tried my hardest to dodge them but they all ended up hitting me in the face and I groaned, looking at Amy.


“Seriously?” I asked. “I am trying to enjoy my food!”


“Whatever.” She stuck a tongue out. “See you later Stiles. Don’t forget to lock the doors when it gets dark, don’t want the boogeyman getting you.” She snickered.


“Not that he would keep you.” my father added.


I huffed. “Whatever, he would love me!”

I watched as they laughed and closed the door behind them, leaving me to myself.

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