Black out

The spent three years in black. creatures took over... Now Luna is the only one who is willing to speak up about what happened.


2. Who is she?

~~Chapter 2
~Present Day~
Sara was sitting on the edge of her seat and it seemed like so was everyone else in the room. When I was about to continue Sara cut in and gently touched my arm, “Simply an amazing experience, and I am sure we will hear the rest tomorrow. Unfortunately that is all the time we have today, I would like to thank you again for this amazing opportunity Luna,” I simply nod my head and smile. She turns her attention to the camera, “tune in tomorrow at the same time for part to of our interview Blackout the story from our first survivors. Now back to you in the studio Diana.”
The light over the camera turned off and we were off the air.
I relaxed some more in the chair knowing that we were off. Sara stood and without a word to me left me alone on the stage.
Luckily an assistant came and showed me where to go to get my things and leave.
I went into the dressing room and grab my things; I pushed open the heavy studio door and was instantly faced with a hoard of paparazzi. I covered my eyes from the flashes and pushed my way through the crowd and over to my car. Quickly I got in and started to make my way to my apartment.
I wasn’t use to this attention and quite frankly I didn’t like it. I looked over at my dashboard as I waited at a red light; there I say a picture that always made me smile.
It was a picture of David Raven and me. The light turned green and I finished my drive. I never played music in my car so it was nice and quiet.
I pulled into the garage and made my way into the front. The landlord was there waiting, “your rent is late Luna.”
I sighed and pulled out my wallet and handed her the last of my cash in my wallet. She counted it out and handed my 50 dollars back.
I walked up to my apartment door and unlocked it. As I opened it I smiled at the familiar darkness. I walked in and closed the door, “I’m home.”
                                                  Three years ago…
 It has been months since we all started this little community it has grown; we started to take over the rest of downtown, killing all of the creatures we find. I walked around during the day making sure everything was in order and everyone had what they wanted. But I felt people glaring at me. They didn’t trust me, not anymore.
 Ever since they found out about Raven everyone seemed to hate what I am for. They hate what I do, though I only do it for them.
 David came up to me with his sister in hand, both smiling and seemingly happy.
 “Luna a few of the woman are going to put a feast together. They were wondering if we would go and get food from another supermarket,” David’s grey eyes shined in the sun, he looked tanner then when I first met him, probably because he has been working with the men on building the light fence.
I smile nodding my head, “alright we will head over there now.”
Mary looks at me suspiciously, then as we are all walking to the supermarket she speaks up, “Are you going to help us Luna?”
I look at her quickly, confusion crossing my face. David squeezes her hand to tell her she spoke out of line. Mary looked at the ground and we continued to walk. Not a word was spoken from any of us.
Once we had made it to the Supermarket, both David and I grabbed a cart, he grabbed the Children cart so that Mary could ride in the toy car in the front. We started on opposite end of the market. We have been here so many times and have taken so many things that the supermarket shelves were almost completely cleared. Soon we will have to venture into the back. I Pushed my cart to the front and saw that David and Mary were already there waiting for me.

David gave me a warm smile before we pushed through the door and started to walk back to the cooking building.

"David!" a female voice filled the air and caught us both by surprise. A woman quickly jumped and wrapped her arms around David's neck. it was almost like he knew who it was just by feel.

"Becca..." he seemed like he was going to cry. hugging her back as they shared a kiss. My heart shattered.

How could I have been so stupid? To let myself fall for him so quickly without even thinking if he might have someone already.

Lowering my head I continued to walk to cooking house and  the women seemed happy to see me with the food. "David is coming with the rest," my voice was soft, but they didn't seem to notice.  I grabbed a steak out of the box near the door and started to walk to the sheriff station. Knocking on the door I wait outside, waiting for raven to go out of the way of the door. I looked over to the cooking building where David was just getting there with Becca and Mary.

He looked my way and for a moment our eyes met, my heart torn even more. I quickly opened the door and walked in closing the door behind me.

"Raven, its me," I called and quickly after my eyes adjust to the pitch black I see her eagerly crawling over to me. She squeaked in joy and sat in front of me. I have been working with her in sign language, she is very intelligent and miraculously she was learning.

I handed her the steak and she quickly ate, I sat against the wall and sighed. "I'm an idiot Raven... I fell for David without even thinking if he had some one and now here she is and he seemed happy to have her." I looked at the ground playing with my bracelet that Mary made me. I wouldn't take it off because I wouldn't hold Mary against it what was going on between me and David.

I glance out the window and notice it was already sunset. I looked at raven and she had finished eating and she was signing 'Is it time for night patrol?' I smiled and nodded my head standing up and opening the door to the dark night. Raven quickly rushed out like a dog and spun around looking at me. I noticed her body started to morph, it was more animal like, her arms and legs were more of the same length allowing her to walk on all fours easier.

I walked out closing the door behind me and we began to walk around. Raven would scale up the buildings to get a good look then come back down. I noticed at a bonfire was going on and it seemed like the entire town was there. I smiled and started to walk closer to them, but I stopped in my tracks when I caught sight of David and Becca sitting next to each other, arms locked. I dropped my head and back away into the darkness, I needed to get out.

Quickly I turned and walked to the gate of the light fence. I opened it and raven quickly rushed out ahead of me, she stopped and turned around trying to push me back in. "Raven, please I need to walk," I patted her head and continued to walk out into open space. 

I walked quite a ways until I started to hear screeches and growls surrounding me. Raven quickly jumped in front of me and growled loudly, backing up pushing me away from the large creatures. With blood stained mouths open to show their razor sharp teeth. Fear filled my body when I realized I didn't have any weapons. Raven squeaked and we both turned and took off running. I could here the creatures following close, their feet breaking twigs and moving rubble. 

I looked back to see them close by Raven was right next to me, I was thankful she was with me but I regretted not listening to her.

Suddenly I was falling, my foot had caught on a tree root and I was falling. My head hitting several rocks and soon it all went black, the last thing I felt was my back hitting the fence and the sound of the creatures screeching and running the other direction. Raven squeaks loudly soon I hear voices..

then nothing...  

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