Black out

The spent three years in black. creatures took over... Now Luna is the only one who is willing to speak up about what happened.


3. Wake up!

Chapter 3

~Present day~

I shot up in my bed sweating, my eye quickly adjusted to the Darkness. I glanced over at the clock and it was about time that I had to head to the studio for part two of story telling. Why was this so hard? I turned and stood out of bed and walked to the kitchen getting a few pieces of beef jerky and then took a quick shower. I haven't turned the lights on since I moved in, I preferred the dark. I felt safer in the dark, like I was protected in the dark.

I quickly grabbed a pair of shorts and a sweater, knowing that the studio will give me a new outfit like they did before. I grabbed my keys and walked out my door trying not to wake the others.

I quickly rushed down the stairs and out the door to my car. I climbed in and headed to the studio, it was time to start this whole thing over again, to relive the moment out loud instead of in my dreams. It wasn't something I wanted to do but it was something I needed to do, not only for the money but also for the piece of mind. My friends have said that if I talked about what happened my nightmares would end and I could sleep peacefully.

But right now I just want to get through the day.

~Three years ago~

"Luna... Luna..... Luna," his voice was coming into my mind. my head throbbed with pain, "Luna can you hear me?" David. His voice was familiar, I could feel his breath against my skin.

I groaned and turned my head towards the sound, it was cold against my skin, I knew where I was. I was in the police station and I was on the floor. My head was in a severe amount of pain, I felt something trail down my forehead, it was quickly wiped away.

"David..." my voice was a whisper, almost unrecognizable. I heard a hurried rustle and someone took my hand.

"Yes, Luna I'm here. Are you ok?" my eyes slowly opened and I was eye to eye with a grey eyed angel. I groan and squeeze his hand.

"I'm in a large amount of pain... where is raven? where is she?" I sat up quickly in panic. David carefully guided me back down. Raven came over and laid next to me, I rested my hand only to feel bandages all over her. I look at David, "What happened to her?"

"She was protecting you from the other creatures before we got to you." He patted a rag to my head. I winced a little and flinched away, He sighed and set the rag away, "What were you thinking going out there Luna? you could have gotten killed."

I rolled away and curled up with Raven, Raven pushed closer growling as the door opened. I looked over and saw Becca carry in some bandages and water. My back was sent into chills as anger came over to me. She kissed his cheek then handed him the things.

Raven growled at her, protectively stood over me, I smiled a little hearing her screech at Becca and a quick she pounced on her, pinning her to the ground causing her to scream.

"Raven heel," my voice was strong again, and quickly Raven did just that. she came back and laid her head on my stomach so that I can gently stroke her head in praise.

Becca quickly got up and ran out the door, David looked at me and Raven in shock, "Luna what the hell was that!"

I glared at him and slowly sat up, "you want to know why I walked out there..." he nodded his head eagerly, "ok the reason I walked out is because I was jealous of her, because she has you. I have feelings for you David and seeing you with her just makes me feel... I don't know I just cant be near you two our else my heart feels like it is collapsing in on its self and I don't want that feeling. I never planned on feeling this way, I just... I didn't want to let go of something that made me feel human... it was the one chance to be myself and seeing you with her was like my father all over again." tears streamed down my face and Raven squeaked.

David did something then that really surprised me.

Gripping my hair he pulled me close and kissed me, I squealed and pushed him away. though I have to meet I didn't want to but it was wrong. "What's wrong Luna? Isn't this what you wanted?" He looked at me with concern.

I shook my head, leaning back. "Get out... just get out!" I pointed to the door and Raven growled and David quickly stood.

"I was just giving you what you wanted. But since you just pushed me away made you should walk out that gate again because I did care about you, but you know what your right about one thing... I love Becca." he stormed out before Raven got a sound out.

I sobbed. Raven screeched and pressed against me, what was I doing? I had a chance for my happiness and now it is gone. I tried to stand but suddenly I felt a major pain in my ankle. Raven whimpered and bit my pant leg. I lifted it to reveal a bit mark.

"Shit..." I groan and wrap it up. I wasn't going to let this disease affect me in anyway. I pushed my back against the wall and looked at Raven. She signed 'Everything will be ok.' I nodded my head and heard the door knob move. I quickly covered my leg and watched as a old woman walked in.

Raven purred as the woman gave her a steak then set some cooked steak pieces next to me. "you know that the bite isn't going to effect you completely. It will take a number of bites to turn you like Raven." I looked at her in shock, she held her arm out and revealed a bite, "the good thing about this is you will have the strength of them, but can stay in the day, you will be able to smell like then to them and not have to worry about an attack." I look at her in shock.

"how do you know so much?" I asked as I started to eat the pieces of steak. she sat next to me.

"Lets just say I have been here a while" 

I looked at her in shock. Who is this woman? Well who ever she is, it seems like I'm going to need her help. She smiled and took my plate and set it aside. She bandaged my head then helped me stand. I felt different. Like I was filled with a power that no one else would ever know, well besides this woman.

She opened the door to the night sky and Raven rushed out spinning in circles excited about something. Carefully and with the help of the old woman I step out, once that cold air hit my face I felt amazing. The woman dropped my arm and stepped back.

"Now anything Raven can do. You can." I looked at her in shock and sure enough as Raven scaled up the side of a building the woman did too.

"What the f.."

"Luna!" I spun around and saw David stammering over to me, he was very drunk.

"David what are you doing?" I step closer and did my best to catch him before he fell.

He stood up and kissed me, my whole body was on fire, feeling his lips on mine made me feel alive. But there was Becca and she was the only reason I am pulling back.

"David what about Becca?" I whispered, Raven landed next to me pressing against my leg.

"Becca was with another man when I went home. She doesn't need me." I looked in shock as he dropped to his knees. He pulled my waist closer and rested his head on my stomach, starting to cry.

I ran my fingers through his hair trying to calm him, he just continued to sob. I looked up at the old woman, she just watched.

~Present Day~

Sara looked at me speechless.

"And are you still infected?" her face was pale. I reached down and lifted my pants leg revealing my scar.

"The scar is still here but the virus is no longer in my system," a part of me was a shamed to say that but I could tell she needed to hear the lie.

"ok," she sat back and looked at the camera, "until next time. I'm Sara Silverstein... goodnight."

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