Black out

The spent three years in black. creatures took over... Now Luna is the only one who is willing to speak up about what happened.


6. The new taste

Chapter 6

~present day~

Oh the feeling! The feeling of the wind pushing through my hair. The feeling of power shooting through my veins as we run across the roof tops. It was like nothing anyone else will ever experience. 

I looked over at David who had the biggest smile on his face and he ran over pipes and gravel. He was panting which wasn't normal but i really have thought anything of it. Raven was next to him and she looked like a happy puppy whose owners had just came home with a new toy and new treats. This black out was our treat, we all normally hide because the sun after a while will start to hurt us but we do what we can. 

We skidded to a halt as the building edge came into view, my foot set on the edge and look down. People were panicking inside their homes, lighting candles and turning on flash lights, doing anything they can to fill their house with light. Everyone has gone back to their childhood when we were afraid of the dark because we feared the monsters that could possible be hiding in it. David's low chuckle broke the silence. 

"They look like cockroaches in the dark," I smiled at his comment because well he was right, they all really did look like cockroaches.

Raven growled softly as the local patrol started their sweeps on the streets. We stepped back into the shadows as their lights came up to where we were standing, "they are stepping up their security," i whispered as David clutched my hand.

Once the truck had passed we crawled down the side of the building to the ground. We had to get to the warehouse and the only way from here was through the alley ways.

As we made our way something felt familiar about this place, it wasn't until we turned the corner is when i say it. The old light fence. Starting to rust and break down, to old to work anymore, but it brought back memories. 

~two years ago~

My fingers were entwined in the fence. The daylight was shining in the forest trees as sunrise began, i smiled as i saw the creatures scatter and run trying to get under ground to their burrows. I slid my fingers back and turned starting to walk through the town; it has grown quite a bit and we are able to find more survivors now that David got a car running. 

Speaking of David, he was rushing over to me, he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the sheriffs station. he dragged me in and closed the door. Grabbing my shoulders he looked me square in the eye, my heart raced. my cheeks flushed. what was he going to do, was i in trouble?

"I need you to turn me... make me like you." his eyes were serious, did he know what he was asking?

"I cant David... i don't have enough venom to make you like me, just enough to make heal your wounds..." My voice was soft, I hated disappointing him. i have done so much to make him happy and to feel his praise, but when i mess up i know I get nothing. 

 Raven came around the corner carefully feeling a little tension in the air, she hated when me and him argued. 

 David looked at her then at me, he let go of my shoulders and stepped closer to her, "Raven. I need you to bite me, just once." she backed away a little afraid of him. 

She has never been afraid of him. He lifted his sleeve and held his arm to her. I spun around and watched, my eyes met Raven and I could only nod my head.

She quickly arched back then lunged and bit deep into his arm. I snapped my fingers and she back away licking her lips. She walked over to me and laid down at my feet. I watched as David stayed hunched over and clutched his arm close to him. I went into the supply room and grabbed the first aid gauze and some cooked steak I had been hiding.

Coming back over I was silent. I had failed him and he had to go to someone else, I hated that I couldn't help him like he wanted me to. 

I drop in front of him and took his arm, carefully I wrapped it up making sure he didn't feel to much more pain. After his arm was completely wrapped up. I started to feed him the steak, his eyes were shifting back and forth as the virus spread through his body. I stood and stepped behind him, gently ushering his head to my lap. Gently petting his head I tried to lull him to sleep, to help him relax and help him get through this shift.

I was worried, I couldn't have Raven go and get the old woman because it was day time outside and she would burn. What was i going to do, i didn't know how long this would take and if it would even work. I sighed and just waited, and waited, and waited. raven was able to fall asleep after she ate her steak. 

After about 20 minutes, David's eyes opened and he looked normal, but hungry. I smiled and fed his a few pieces of steak and felt his skin, it felt like mine. It felt like stone. 

He was like me now. He was as powerful as me. 


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