Black out

The spent three years in black. creatures took over... Now Luna is the only one who is willing to speak up about what happened.


5. Payback is a bitch

Chapter 5~

~three years ago~

David and I have gotten used my hunger and it hasn't gotten to bad but life has been easy. David is in pain, every time we are outside when he sees Becca  and her new boyfriends, he becomes quiet and depressed.

I hated seeing him like that. It was always so hard to get him out of that depression, I wanted to make him happy.

One night David, Raven and I were on night patrol and as we turned the corner by the local Camp fire. I stopped in my tracks when I saw Becca and her new Boyfriend kissing and dry humping against a wall. I try and stop David from seeing but he doesn't stop. With his fists clenched he buries his face in my neck.

"please Luna... can you take care of this... Please." he whispers into my neck. My eyes are wide with the words that escape his lips. Was he telling me to do what I thought he was.

"David you don't mean..." I whispers pulling back to look at him. His eyes gave me the answer I needed.

I sighed and I looked at Raven she was growling and I nodded my head in their direction. She takes off, running. I follow her and before I know it Raven and I are ripping Becca and her boyfriend away from each other.

I looked up at David who took Becca from me. He nodded his head at raven and she quickly started to eat. I got really hungry at the smell of blood. My eyes change and my teeth sharpen. I was hungry.

Quickly I jumped and began to feat. His flesh ripping in my teeth, his blood tantalizing my taste buds with its rich flavor, the meat being so tender.

Soon the sounds of Becca's screams filled my ears but I didn't care the taste was over whelming and delicious. I couldn't get enough, but soon he was nothing but bone.

I stood and breathed in my body and mind returning to normal. I looked at David who was standing alone with a knife in his hand and Becca at his feet a large cut on her face.

David walked over smiling, taking out a rag and wiping my face and fingers before kissing my cheek. "you did very well my love."

Praise? was this Praise?

I smiled and felt proud.


Sara looked at me in shock. "you killed a human, and ate them?" I nodded my head and waited for her to say something. When suddenly, the lights went out.

Screams filled the studio as darkness took over. A smile crept on my face as I rushed out of the studio. I knew where I needed to go, and that was home.

I came through the door and there standing was a excited Raven and a smiling David. His eyes Black as the night and teeth sharp as razors.

"you ready to party?" his voice still sent chills through my body,

"Lets do it," my body shifted and I was just like them. Ready to kill and ready to feast.



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