Black out

The spent three years in black. creatures took over... Now Luna is the only one who is willing to speak up about what happened.


4. New power

~~Chapter 4

~Three Years ago

This new power was something I have never known before. I stood at the top of the buildings with raven at my feet I smiled. I like being able to keep up with her. But the only bad thing was my hunger for meat. It was growing every day and the meat from the store was starting to run out. it means I would have to hunt.. but what about David. Would I hurt him.. with my hunger rising so quickly.

Raven was cleaning herself when my stomach rumbled. She looked up in worried, I smiled and nodded my head, I needed to feed on something other then steak.

I raced across the roof tops Raven close at my tail, I smiled as I jumped over the Light fence with ease. I waited for raven who landed next to me. I patted her head and she purred. I felt my head start to hurt. I cried out, dropping to my knees.

"what's happening to me?!" I heard my voice cry in pain. I heard footsteps coming close to the fence. raven whimpered and pushed me away from the fence. But not before I heard his faint voice.

"luna..." David's voice was cracked like he was crying.

My eyes burned as every thing was eliminated and visible. What was going on? Raven looked at me worried and whimpered.

I could feel the pain depleting and I rushed to the nearest puddle. Gazing in my reflection, I was shocked to see my eyes the same as Ravens. But my hair had not fallen out. My teeth were sharp, and I was hungry. I wanted meat.

Turning back to the excited raven we screeched at each other and took off running to the wood. The first scent I caught was that of a deer.

A large 8 point buck that was grazing on grass in a field. I hissed and almost like lightning I rush and pounced on it. Ripping out its neck with my teeth, my nails digging into it flesh and ripping its meat from the bone. Raven joined me and we began to devour the deer. I heard a crack in the woods.

I looked up and saw him. David came through the trees and looked at me in shock.

"Luna what..." his voice was shaky with fear. My eyes went normal and my teeth the same.

"David. I... I can explain.  please." I stood and started to walk over to him.

He didn't run, in fact he looked fascinated, he looked calm and willing to listen. In fact it took me by surprise. Why was he so calm? Why wasn't he freaking out?

"When I was outside the fence I was bit but I don't have enough venom to turn me into one of them. It just gave me this new sense of power that I have to get used to... well at least that's what the old woman said." I looked at the ground and to my surprise David moved closer.

He took a rag out of his pocket and wiped my face of blood. He was nice, he understood.

But it worries me, David didn't care about what I was. He came closer and gently kissed my neck. He was sweet, and he was kind.

"I don't care if you look like Raven. There is something about you Luna, about your essence that just pulls me in." He cupped my face. Forcing me to meet his eyes, raven must have filled up and ran into the woods. I guessed she ran back home.

David took my hand and pulled me the way he came. We were going home.

~Present Day

Sara handed me a glass of water as we wrapped up on day three. She signed out to the camera and the lights went out. I went back to the dressing room and changed into my shorts and sweater. My phone went off in my purse.

Quickly I moved and answered it, "Hello," I was still getting used to talking in the phone again.

"Luna...Can you get some steak... we are out," i recognized the voice and instantly my body was sent into chills.

"sure thing... David."


I want to thank all of you that are reading. Seeing that so many are reading really warms my heart.

If there is anything you guys want to know. Don't be afraid to comment. I would love to hear your guys feed back.


stay tuned!         

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