Black out

The spent three years in black. creatures took over... Now Luna is the only one who is willing to speak up about what happened.


1. Let it begin.

~~Chapter 1

 They asked me to talk about the memories that I promised I would never bring up again. To spill every thing that was horrible and should never be brought back up. To the survivors in the safe houses, the little chickens who didn’t even get there hands dirty with the blood of those undead things. But here I am, being asked to talk about my experience in the most terrible time of life so far.
 Well I’m sitting here going through makeup, getting ready for my interview because of one reasonable thing. After the incident I was a little low on money and of course I’m getting paid to talk about the brutality of what happened. And after so many years of fighting the thoughts and trying to forget all of the blood and pain that I went through in this experience now three years later, after America had repopulated I was asked to bring it up again.
 I drew in a deep breath as the people pulled me out of the make up and costume room and into were I would be giving my interview which would be filmed and broadcasted live on the news. As my memories slowly returned to me in, at first, mere glimpses I had to remind myself not to cry.
 The news people and directors and everybody else in the room told me to sit down and offered my water. I shook my head no and sat down. I hadn’t spoken since I had got to the studio.
 “We start in five.” Somebody shouted loudly and the bright lights shined down and made me wince just to see.
 “Can somebody lower the lights?” The lady that was going to interview asked angrily. I could tell I wasn’t going to like her to much. She was too cocky; she took advantage of her money and power. The only reason I could tell was because after being in the predicament that I was in for as long as I was, three years, I had really learned how to see how somebody was and who to trust. She could not be trusted but she was a news lady. Her job was to gossip. As she turned her head and faced me I saw her bleach blonde hair whip around over her shoulder.
“Hello I am Sara Sliverstein.” She said as we shook hands.
“Luna Peterson.” I said
“We’re on in Three Two One.” Said a director and right after he got to one Sara said, “Thank you Diana, I’m here with Luna Peterson one of the many survivors of the black out that happened on this day three years ago, Luna thanks for being here,”
“Thanks for having me Sara,” I said I was really nervous and it was hard to not try to show it on camera.
“Now let’s start out from the beginning. What happened that day?” Sara asked
“Well it started just as a normal day I was sitting watching TV and all of a sudden the power went out…”
Three years ago…
I quickly went into the kitchen and grabbed the flash light just then I heard a crash coming from out side. I thought I was an intruder. So I got a Louisville Slugger and used the flashlight to see the way. When I got to the back door and heard rustling coming from the other side of the door quickly I opened the door and there I saw something in the trash. I pointed the flash light on the thing and it looked up at me with blood shot eyes that surrounded a black dot.
Quickly it ran at me I raised the bat and gave it three blows to the head. As it lied at my feet I kicked to see if it was alive it still didn’t move.
I closed the door leaving the body there.
I went to the front of the house and looked out the window. There were millions of them; all walking around looking for something each didn’t seem to hurt one another.
I walked back from the window. I then heard a gun fire. One after another it stopped I ran to my room and grabbed the emergency pistol my dad put there. I put the bat on my back and then took duck tape and duck taped the flash light to my shoulder.
I slowly walked out of my room and then when I got to the front door I knew I would have to do some thing. Quickly I turned the door knob and quickly pulled the door open.
Already it seemed like the apocalypse has hit. That judgment day has passed and those who are left behind are forced to survive on their own.  
I have never been a religious person. But the story of judgment day wasn’t something anyone really took lightly. I started to walk; fires started in buildings, sparks flying from fallen power lines.
Being the middle of the night I really didn’t expect to see any lights so I was prepared for the pitch black.
My father was a strict military man and I had grown up learning to hide my emotions, my thoughts. To be ready for any situation and always prepare for the worse, I don’t think anyone could have been prepared for this. 
The first thing I knew I would need is weapons, a pistol and a bat wouldn’t get me very far.
I ignored the screams and the growls of the creatures who were hunting for food. And it seemed there primary source of food was humans.
I hear the growls coming closer. Its lower tone sent chills up my spin, the arm on my arms standing up straight, my breath quickens along with the pace of my heart when I hear the gravel shuffle under the creatures feet.
I closed my eyes and stopped, I was not going to let this thing take me. I set the pistol, ready to fire when this creature tried something. I turned on my heels to face it, keeping my eyes closed.
I steady my breathing but not my heart, I could not lie I was scared. I felt the creature coming closer, slow and steady, as if it was testing me. It was inches from me. I felt its ice cold skin radiating off my warm skin, I felt its breath against me, first against my knuckles, then my chest and soon a large dragon like breath was blown against my face, pushing my hair back. Slowly and carefully I opened my eyes.
It stood a few inches taller than me. Its skin was a pale grey, the only article of clothing that was intact was its pants, but everything else was bare. Its skin was covered in black veins which traveled across every inch of its body.
It face was the worst part, it was a hairless creature, its eyes could pierce your soul with a simple glance of its blood shot eyes with a single black pupil. Its jaw was slacked open showing its sharp razor teeth, its ears were made to a spike.
Quickly I snapped to reality once the creature screeched directly in my face, it reared back as if to pounce and in the same moment I raised the pistol and took a single shot directly between its eyes. Its body collapsed back, motionless.
What was this thing? And why were there so many of them?
Quickly I turned around and made my way down town. It didn’t take long until I was in front of the police station. I tried the door and it was unlocked. I raised my gun and walked in, turning my shoulders with my movement so that I may be able to see. Once I passed the front desk I noticed a body, half way eaten, but the uniform was obvious. Sheriff.
“Hello?” I called, continuing to walk around the station, “is there anyone here?”
“Help….” A soft voice called from a back room, “we are back here.”
I followed the voice until I came to a cellar door. I kept my gun pointed as I knocked on the door. I heard it unlock and slowly creep open a little. Using my foot, I open the door completely.
To my surprise I say several humans, all their hair was there; their skin wasn’t covered in black veins. These people aren’t infected, but that doesn’t mean they can be trusted.
I lowered my gun. I quickly took a count of them, 13, 7 men, 4 women, 2 kids.
“Is everyone alright?” I lowered down towards the opening, they were all petrified.
A man with pale skin and dark brown hair looked up at me. He seemed about 21, his hazel eyes seemed to glow with a hint of grey, and I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t somewhat attracted to him. He had a faint scar on his cheek and neck and collar, he clutched a young girl to his chest as if to shield her from the chaos that the world in in now.
“We are ok. We hid in here the moment those things took to the street. The sheriff gave us enough time to get in here.” The man said, his voice was surprisingly calm. I glanced back at the feet of the corpse that lay in the front.
“How long have you all been down here?” I asked looking back into his hypnotic eyes.
 “A few hours,” a simple answer I should have figured as much.
Quickly I stood. I walked to the front door locking it instantly. I saw a few chairs in the lobby. Quickly I grab one and slammed it against the floor. The wooden pieces broke off with ease.
Quickly I started to brace the door with them. It wouldn’t hole forever but it would be fine for the time being. I could hear rustling behind me of the people coming out of the cellar.
Once I had finished I walked into the supply room. I found a few lanterns and candles.
I looked at the door and say the man had filled it. His skin glowed in the light of my flashlight. He walked closer and started to take the lanterns and candles from my hands. I continued to grab until my hands were full. We both continued to walk in each room, setting either a lantern or some candles. With each one we set up we would turn on.
I walked into the back office. It didn’t feel right. I turn on the lantern. Quickly I was faced with a creature. I drew my gun and was about to fire when I noticed something. It did not attack, in fact it coward.
I kept my gun pointed and moved closer; with every step I took it would move back. I kneeled down and studied it. There was something strange going on. I lowered the light a little and it seemed to relax. I raised it again and I became scared and agitated.
“So that’s your weakness…” my eyes traveled to the eyes. They weren’t like the others.   The black iris was larger the red was almost invisible.
I heard footsteps coming up behind me. The man from before came in stopping at the door. “Why isn’t it attacking?” his voice was shaking, he was scared of this thing that I now controlled.
“It’s afraid of the light. That explains why the first thing they went after is the power plant.” I look back at him as I dim the lantern a little. I feel sorry for this creature. I can see the pain it is feeling, it’s written all over its face.
I stood with the lantern at my feet. I look over my shoulder toward the man. His face was a mixed of shock, fear, and admiration.
“Bring the sheriffs body back here. We are going to train this thing.” He nods his head and goes to the front. I kneel back down and start to talk to it.
“I’m not going to kill you,” my voice was soft. And it seemed to understand, its ears perked up and it looked at me, “I swear on my life we will not hurt you, we will feed you and we will keep safe. You just have to not harm any of us.”
  I turned off the lantern and quickly my eyes adjust. I watch the creature almost ponder my words. The men carried in the sheriff’s body and set it against the wall.
“As I said we will feed you. We will keep you safe; you just have to do the same.” The creature watched me carefully; slowly it crawled closer and closer.
It quickly went to the sheriff’s body, chewing on his leg. It looked like it was the smallest one, the omega of a group. I could easily see its bones.
“You sure you know what you’re doing?” the man asked, his grey eyes watched me carefully, analyzing my movements, my breathing.
“I know better than anyone it seems,” I walked past him. He grabbed the lantern and closed the door.
“David,” his voice hummed in my ear. I spun around and looked at him in confusion. Why did he just say one name, “my name is David.”
I smile. The name suited him, but it’s hard to let him in. what if he dies, then I will be hurt.
“Luna,” I turned back around and started to walk down the hall. I looked among the people. Doctors, teachers, lawyers, beauty queens; all were people who probably have never picked up a gun before, and now they are fighting for their lives.
David came out from around the corner and a little girl ran to him, wrapping her arms around his legs. Her hair shined with the same brown hair as his.
“David what are we going to do? Where’s mommy and daddy?” her voice was sweet and shaky, I could hear the tears starting to form in her eyes.
My heart ached for her, for them. I walked over to her and kneeled down; I put a small smile on my face. “What’s your name sweetie?”
She looks at me, hiding her face in David’s leg, “Mary.”
“Mary that’s such a pretty name. My name is Luna,” I hold out my hand to her. Slowly and carefully she takes my hand and shakes it, “I am going to make you a promise sweetie. I promise no one will hurt you and nothing is going to happen to you. We will find your parents. Ok?”
She smiles faintly and nods her head. I look up at a surprised David. “What?”
“I didn’t know a hard soul like you could smile,” he grins and I quickly roll my eyes. I go to the supply closet and look for food. But unfortunately I don’t find anything close.
I walk out and look around. “We don’t have any food. But there is a grocery store a block down,” I sigh and looking at the ground trying to figure out if I will go alone or not.
“I will go with you,” David’s voice speaks up then soon other men say the same. I hold up my hand.
“I can’t take all of you. Some of you will have to stay.”
I see a shine behind the board on the window. I rush over and open the window a little. Sun light fills the room. I smile and relax.
“The creatures hat light. That mean we will be able to go and get what we need and want during the day but come night fall we need to be inside here,” I voice was sturdy as I looked at every single person in the room. They all seemed at ease now that the sun was up.
“David you are with me,” he nods his head. I point to different people in the room, “you, you, and you. Go to the hardware store across the street and get planks of plywood, a drill, and some nails, I want the planks of wood to have holes in them so that we can see when the sun rises and sets. But the windows need to be boarded along with the door.” They all nod their heads and stand.
“Everyone else stay near the building if you are going to go out. You need to be able to get in here in a hurry.” Every looked like bobble heads, nodding over and over.
I tore open the wood planks to the door and walked out into the sun. The first thing that got me was the surroundings, at night it was obviously a warzone. But during the day, it was so peaceful. So empty.
I closed my eyes feeling the warmth of the sun on my face. The warmth made my skin tingle with joy. I heard everyone else walk out from the building, the started to chuckle and smile at the sun, it was like coming back from the dead and seeing the sun for the first time.
I turned around to the group of people,” alright let’s get to work. Everyone keep an eye on each other.” They nodded their heads and we got to work. David and I went to the store and carefully pried the doors open. Surprisingly it was really cold inside with the lack of power.
I lead the way into the store my pistol drawn; I walked to the closed windows and quickly pull them open them filling the store with light. I put my pistol away and grab my bat for precautionary measures. David walked in and grabbed a cart.
“We should grab the fresh produce before it expires,” he says as he pulls up next to me with the cart. I nod my head and we both walk to the fruit. We grab a little of everything not knowing what people would like. Then we made our way through each aisle grabbing almost everything.
“We need things to cook with,” we make out way to the supply aisle.
I grab several portable grills and burners, some charcoal and some pots. As we continue grabbing what we need. I can’t help but feel David’s eyes burning into the back of my head.
“Is there something that you need David?”  I say bitterly as I look over my shoulder at him. His eyes widened in surprise, he looked pale with fear. His mouth opened and closed like a fish, trying to sum up some words that weren’t there.
“That’s what I thought.” I continue to walk the aisle throwing in some romen and other things.
Soon the cart was completely full. We walked out the door and soon I heard David laughing behind me, “what’s so funny?”
“I just never thought I would walk out of a grocery store without paying,” he continued to laugh. I just smiled; I have to admit he was very cute. Something about him just made me smile.
Soon we made it back to the station. The people I asked to make the boards on the windows were hard at work. Some woman and kids were just talking and playing. It was peaceful, almost like nothing was wrong with the world.
The road under me was so worn to hell, the asphalt was like dust and easy to break off. We could make a little home, just from here. We could survive this.
“It couldn’t be done with that creature in the back,” David’s voice brought me back from my thoughts.
“What you’re thinking I can see it on your face. We wouldn’t be able to make a town just with us.” He seemed sure of himself.
“We would never know until we try.” I smile and walk into the station. David follows with the cart of things. We go to the cellar where they were hiding when I first got there. Because it was underground it was very cold.
I stood at the bottom of the cellar and turned on a lamp. There was plenty of space and some MRE’s already here; I called up to David as I set the lantern down, “ok toss it down.”
One by one David began to toss the food and supplies down to me. Right now I didn’t care how organized it was I was just set on getting it all down quickly.
“Ok it’s empty,” his voice echoed from up the stairs. I heard him move the cart out of the way and then descend down the stairs.
I grabbed a tarp and laid it out. I started to pile the produce onto it, David helped and soon everything was on it.
Once everything was organized in its appropriate spot, David and I just stood there, looking over everything we had.
“This won’t get us very far,” I said softly as I looked up at him. He was already staring at me, his grey eyes glowing in the soft light. I felt my cheeks become red and I quickly looked away and walked over to a steak that we got. I walked up the stairs and to the back room where we kept the creature. I knocked on the door and I heard it rustling around. I opened the door and was faced with the creature. Its mouth covered in blood, it looked larger than last time. But it also looked happy I was there.
It let out little squeaks and came over to me as I closed the door.
“Hey there; you seem healthier, I thought you be hungry,” I glanced over to the remains of the sheriff and there was nothing but bones left. I held out the steak and quickly it grabbed it from my hands and started to eat it.
I sat against the wall and watched, “you know it would be a lot easier if we gave you a name.” its pointy ears perked up at the sound of me giving it a name.
“How about Raven,” the creature squeaked with delight but continued to eat, “alright Raven it is.”
Raven finished the steak and came over to me, curling up against my side. Her skin was so cold, it was like ice.
“You really are sweet, in a strange way,” I ran my hand along her bald head, “I feel like you understand me, you’re not like the other creatures. You are very intelligent.”
She snorted and pressed against my hand some more. “Truth is Raven, I’m scared. So very scared, I don’t want to die.” I look out into space, still running my hand along her head.
“But every one depends on me. They are looking at me like I am a leader. I don’t want to fail them, not like my father failed my family…” my throat hitched, remembering the pain and the fear I felt from each strike my father gave me in his drunken rage.
Raven felt my struggle and pressed against my hand. I looked down and give her a faint smile.
“I know I know, it not bad to cry. But it’s not something I want to do; it’s something I was taught not to do. You see raven my father was a military man. And he…” she growled and got up.
“Ok so you don’t want to hear that story,” I chuckle and look at her as she lies at my feet.
There was a knock at the door and I looked up. Slowly it opened and revealed David. He smiles and quickly closed the door so Raven wouldn’t get hurt by the light.
“What are you doing in here?” he sat next to me and then stares at raven who just lazily lift her head to him then put  it back down on my legs. She was nicer than expected; sure she didn’t look normal due to the diseases or whatever. But in her heart she was normal, in a pet like way.
“Just getting acquainted with Raven,” David looked at me sharply; his grey eyes shining in the dim light.
“Raven? You named it?” his voice was dark and concerned; I knew what he was thinking.
“Well why not, why would I want to keep calling her and it, it’s just rude,” raven squeaked in agreement to my words, she jumped up and when to the sheriffs body; digging through the bones and the blood stained cloths.
She came back with a wallet and hands it to David. Slowly and carefully he opened it and it showed the badge and certificate.
  David smiles and pats her head, he seemed ok with her and with her staying, it just means we will have to make this more suitable for her.
My stomach growls loudly and it startles Raven; she jumps back and shakes. Both David and I chuckle, “it’s alright raven it was just my stomach. Sorry if it scared you.”
David opened the door for me and him and we head to the other people. A few of the women had a large pot and fire going just outside, I noticed it was starting to get dark out.
“David get the all the large lights from the storage closet,” he nods his head and quickly goes to the closet; I grab my gun and go out with them. They smile but then notice it was dark and their smile quickly vanishes.
“It’s ok, keep cooking. We want to focus on getting everyone fed first,” the nod there head slowly and continue to cook, looking out into the dark a few times.
David comes back with the lights, “point them up and place them in a arch around us,” he nods his head and gets to work. Placing every light in an arch and turning them on, the women look at me in confusion.
“The creatures are hurt by the light, it doesn’t kill them but it will keep them away,” I grab a handful of dirt and toss it lazily over the lights revealing the beams have created a barrier.
The mood in the air instantly relaxes and hums start to louden, I lean against the wood planks and look at the darkness, something was out there I could feel it.
Suddenly I heard a scream coming from inside, I look at David in panic, “Raven!”
We both take off running inside, bursting through the door and rushing to the group of people standing in front of Ravens door; suddenly I see raven crawling on the ceiling to get away. Once we make eye contact I hold my arms out to her, she jumps down into my arms. Clinging to me, shaking with fear, she buries her face and head into my shoulder. I tighten my arms around her and just glare at the crowd as David steps forward and acts like a barrier to us.
“What the hell is that thing doing here?” “Why are you keeping it alive?” “Do you want to kill us all?” the yells and questions fly at us like bullets.
David’s voice rang out above all, “Enough!”
Silence. Silence came over the crowd, their eyes in shock and anger.
“Look this creature may be our one way to survive this. Raven will give us a look into what the hell is out there,” David spoke calmly, occasionally looking back at me and raven.
The people mumbled things to each other than reluctantly and in anger part like the red sea and allowed us to take raven back into her room. Once we entered her room David immediately closed the door and let out his breath that he had been holding. Carefully I set raven to the ground and fed her another steak.
Suddenly I was embraced by could only be David, I felt him shake as he held me. My skin tingled under his touch, my cheeks warmed.
“uh… David are you alright?” my voice was muffle in his shirt.
He just nodded his head and let go; turning quickly he leaves the room just as the women called for dinner.

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