Do You Love Me?

Elizabeth and Gabby are best friends. They have been since the 8th grade. Gabby is the sweet innocent girl while Elizabeth is the rebel. They are polar opposites. What happens when they go to a One direction concert? Will they find their true love? Or will it just turn to hatred?


2. Gabby

Hi people! My name is Gabby, but my full name is Gabriela Rose Smith. 

Here is some stuff you need to know about me:

I'm very popular

Elizabeth made me popular

I'm the exact opposite of Elizabeth

I like to eat food

Elizabeth will only let me eat salad though. She says i need to keep my girly figure

I only do it because I'm scared of her.

We all know what she's capable of.

I have chocolate brown eyes

I'm also very innocent.

I'm pretty sure everyone knows about my love for One direction and 5sos.

That;s all you need to know about me!


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