Velquility diagnostics

Basically problems that you may relate to


1. Brothers

You may not have this bother with your brother or sister but mine is an arrogant twat who cant think before he speaks. I was going to write about friends for my first post but an event just happened involving my brother and my family.

My Brother is off to university in a day or two and he's not prepared that much for it so tomorrow he's going to be extremely busy and he has to visit his goddaughter and his girlfriend. But this morning I went in the playroom and loads of his crap was on the floor so I asked him if he will clear it up and he was very reluctant to not clear it up. This made me very mad because why should I clear up his mess and it's not like he's going just for a few days he's going for most of the year! I know what your thinking it's his last few days be nice to him, but I still don't wanna clear and sort his crap. Now your probably thinking how has this got so bad that you need to write about it and how does your family get involved, well, today he came home from his girlfriends and I was sat with my parents and we got chatting to him about how everything then he said to me we got sassy today didn't we and my parents wanted to know what was going on so we told them and then my mum and brother got into a massive argument over a load of stuff and then my mum said to my brother "well if you won't do a 2 minute Job why should we do a 2 hour drive to drop you off at university and my brother(being a dick that he is) "said fine I'll find my own way there" ok I've missed out something that's important here, my mum doesn't want his girlfriend to drop him off with us because she's not family so after my brother said what he did he also came out with "and at least they only person I want to come can come then" so my mum got up walked out and went upstairs and started crying and is probably crying while I'm writing this. And don't think it's pathetic that she's crying, it's not, just think about it the person you gave life to and have raised is about to move out and yet he treats you like shit. I definitely would cry. so after my mum went up to cry my brother went to his room and I started to write this.
Don't get me wrong I love my brother to absolute bits and I think he's great most of the time he's just got to think.

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