Mutations ((Archie Comics))

A long time ago, there was five.

Their names were Vera, Belle, Archer, Frost, and Regg. They were powerful, unforgiving, and immortal. Though they were known as myths to the humans, they were known as 'monster hunters' to the few that knew of their existence.

After their deaths, they were reborn again, in a different place, but all near one another.

They were destined to meet.

They were destined to be hunted.


3. 1-2



>78 years earlier<

Belle stared at the monster in revulsion across the room, but quickly looked away.

Archer laughed next to her quietly. "How ugly is he?" He asked, only seeing the outer appearance of the monster.

"Hideous." Belle replied, her voice laced with disgust.

He chuckled again. "Sometimes Belle, I can't decide if your sight is a blessing or a curse."

She glanced at the monster one more time with a shudder. "He's the ugliest I've seen in a while."

He stared at him, studying the monster. "He looks normal to me," He said slowly "in fact, he looks like the sort you and Ver would normally find attractive."


He laughed again, this time not quieting it, then smiled at Belle. "I'm sure we look weird just standing here at this sort of party so, would you like to dance?" He offered his hand to her at the last part. Belle nodded, grinning wildly.

She had had a crush on Archer ever since the beginning of their existence, yet he never seemed to notice. It would make it awkward if they broke up, especially when they were reborn again and couldn't start dating with it being weird until they were 14.

Archie grabbed her, leading her to the dance floor, yanking her back to the present as they began to dance, his hands on her waist as they strained to keep the monster in view.

As they twirled around so her back was to the monster, Belle finally glanced at Archers face, his wild freckles, brown eyes, and his orange hair that framed his face perfectly --- or at least, it seemed perfect to her.

"Where's Vera, Regg and Frost?" She asked him, then mentally cursed herself for mentioning Vera, the beautiful, seductive girl, who also seemed to have a crush of sorts on Archer.

Archer shrugged. "I think Ver and Regg went off to dance. And you know Frost," He said with a laugh. "Always by where the food is." Belle giggled.

"You're right, he probably is eating his fill now."

Archer shook his head, grinning. "I feel bad for the host."

Belle shivered, picturing the monster the host really was. "I don't... Think of all the people he killed..."

Archer looked away. "Yeah."

Belle glanced away too, mentally killing herself for ruining the conversation. Archer suddenly looked up, and his eyes widened as he stared at something behind Belle.

"Belle," He whispered softly "don't turn around, but it's gone..."

Her expression turned to one of shock as she fought the urge not to spin around. "Oh, god..."

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