Rose.....That's my name and this is my story. My unexpected wolf life. And no this is not me having alpha parents this is my runaway wolf story. She has dark brown hair in the beginning. An no tattoos. Or piercings. Ok basically she is a goody two shoes at first.

Hey guys author note umm sorry that I didn't make a new chapter to my other story I promise I will soon and again sorry.


1. The Beginning

I am an omega sadly yes. I sad low level werewolf. The weakest but,at least I'm not the weakest in my pack. What am I talking about trying to sound strong. I can't wait to go through my first shift I heard it hurts like hell but I'll find my mate. I have a mom and dad. Also if you didn't know werewolfs shift on there 16th birthday if you didn't know. I also have 4 siblings my parents love each other what can I say. A 23 year old brother. 21 year old sister. By the way I'm a twin I have a twin brother. But last but not least my 14 year old brother. I still call him a pup cause he hates it.

I'm ugly compared to my family. I have medium brown hair and dark blue eyes and I'm 5'3. You may be thinking omg you are perfect. But let me tell you about my family. My mom has dirty blond hair with magical green eyes. My dad has black hair and the most brightest color of blue I've ever seen. An they are both in the best shape. Nathan my big bro has the darkest hair ever seen his eyes are green with dashes of blue. Jai my youngest brother has black just black hair with blue eyes with dashes of green. Alicia my only sis is like my moms twin except she looks younger. My twin Adoran they named him that cause he was adorable he has blond hair and the same color eyes as my dad.

Now you guys know why I'm jealous but I love them I'm just......JEALOUS.

Love it wanna read it my self first story I've ever tried to do properly it deleted itself 3 times so it might not be as good as I wanted it to be to draw people in but I got frustrated anyway yeah......CLIFFHANGER.

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