1. Chapter 1

Chapter song: 'Hall of Fame' by The Script


Every year, two days after my birthday, my mum cries over a picture of my father. I've only ever seen it once, when I was 10 and she was unconscious from drinking too much. He had unforgettable blue eyes and a distinctive jaw line. If I ever saw him, I'd recognize him straight away. The picture of him has never faded from my brain. My mother has not once spoken to me about him, but I've heard her talk about him in her sleep, how he left two days after I was born and she didn't understand why.

The band is becoming really famous, and life is getting quite hectic and crazy, so me and the boys are going paint balling to relax our minds. It's quite surprising how relaxing running around the place, shooting frantically can be. We use to do it all the time, but we've become very busy.

Ashton picks me up first, then we go and get Michael and Luke.

We're all very close friends now. It shocking how me and Michael used to absolutely hate Luke. He's an amazing guy!

When we arrive, we get briefed, then kitted up. But then Ashton goes running towards the toilets and we hear him throw up. The three of us left give each other looks and Michael shouts, "You okay Ashton?"

"What do you think?" Ashton shout back, before throwing up again.

"Shall we go back home?" Luke asks him.

"No, I don't wanna ruin it for you guys. You go on with out me."

"Okay mate. If you're sure."

We go and tell of of the paint balling staff that we are one down and he says that we can't have only three people in a session, so he'll have to get someone from another group. I just hope it's not someone who know us. How ever much we love our fans, sometimes its nice to have fun with just us.

[A/N: Hey guys!!!! This is my 5th fan fin, but my first 5SOS one, so I hope you like it. Sorry this chapter is a bit short, and the next one might be too, but have faith in me!

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