Love Online (An Ashton Irwin Fanfic)

What happens when you love someone...only you've never met him...and he's famous...Read and find out about Erin's story


1. Just Another Day


Sitting on the four poster bed in my room I sigh looking down at my laptop frantically typing stupid tweets about how much I love my bands, I know that sound typical for a girl who walks around in either trackie bottoms, skirts, jeans or shorts and a crop top with either a bandana or flower chain in my hair but hey?!...what girl doesn't love bands?!

My phone lit up by one of my best friends Tom as I chuckled looking at his stupidly ridiculous snapchat, his tongue out, forehead rinkled, nose scrunched and the caption 'How on earth do girls look good doing this?! X' honestly I couldn't stop laughing, copying his action and sending it back simply stating 'we don't ;) x' when I flick over to see something bizarre...'aBandadfi has added you as a friend.' Being the open minded, optimistic person I am, I added him back onto my friends list and as soon as the next picture came on my screen, that's when I knew it was not going to be just another day in the Mitchell's household.

My eyes widened shoulders gaped and mouth was wide open when I saw that picture of none other than Ashton Irwin stood grinning with his dimples showing and llama up on his hand 'hey sunshine!x'.Honestly the picture made me laugh but what I found odd was why he even had my snapchat? Standing up I quickly take a picture of me looking up to the sky, my ocean blue hair framing my face as my side fringe stops just slightly over my eyes, and all my teeth showing in quite possible a cheesy but still cute smile 'Hey llama boy! X' I send back laughing slightly. Well today sure will be interesting...

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