Long Lost

Three people, three dreams, three corners of the world and one very insane government plot to kill off punk rock. United we stand, divided we fall.
Billie-Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Michael Clifford of 5 Seconds Of Summer and Ellen Jefferson of Lossteel (Yeah she's fictional) end up in a whirlpool of disaster when they meet and realise they all have something in common...and it isn't just their love for punk rock.
~Sometimes what's written in the stars is written in our blood~


2. Chapter Two

“No, that’s not the riff Jose! It starts on 3 and ends on 5, not the other way round! Okay, from the top...”

“Oh come on Margo, we’ve gone through it a thousand times, there is such a thing as over rehearsing you know. Besides, my fingers are literally bleeding, so give Collin a break would you” Ellen Jefferson stood to the right of Margaret Holly, limply holding the neck of her fender guitar, wiping her fingers on her jeans. She had dark brown hair like the colour of rich chocolate that hung in the occasional wave from her head and a pale complexion to match. She wasn’t very tall and her guitar made her look even smaller in comparison. Her red lips curled up and were creased with aggravation at Margo’s continuing incentive to control. The shirt she wore was vector chequered black and red and the buttons were undone revealing a black vest with the Blink 182 logo on it. Her jeans were a dark stonewashed blue and she wore black doc martens. Impatiently, she stood waiting for Margo’s response.

“Elle, you know I would, it’s just that with the meeting for the record label coming up around the corner, I’m just getting really stressed out.” She turned to a boy whose black hair hung in loose curls, just past his ear and his cerulean blue eyes sparkled from beneath the thick mess of ringlets. “I’m sorry Jose, I shouldn’t have taken it out on you, god what am I like.”

“Its fine” Collin Jose, the bassist, said “trust me I needed that wake up slap”

“You were all doing great; don’t let me get in the way.”

We were all doing great Margo, including you. We can go through it one last time if you want.” Ellen sighed.

“No, no it’s fine. You are right Ellen, there is such a thing as being over rehearsed.” A sigh of relief swept over them “alright, there was no need for that” she laughed and the band laughed with her.


Ellen was in a band called Lossteel and there were four members in total; Margaret (Margo) Holly who played rhythm guitar, Collin Jose who was the bassist, Adam Adams who smashed away at the drums and Ellen Jefferson herself who played the lead guitar. They had met in school and, due to their common love and interest in punk rock music, had decided to form a band. They had been playing together for two years and were now all 16 years of age. And they all had the big dream, like a lot of teenagers, to break through into the music scene and now it finally seemed that they had a shot. A chance. A chance to make a difference and to put themselves out there and earn a dedicated fan base over the years they would spend together as a group. As a band, they finally had a chance to be recognised.

“So what songs are we actually going to play for them?” Adam asked coolly. He had near black hair too, and small grey eyes full of expression. His hair came just above his ear and he had a fringe that covered up his forehead, slanting slightly to the left of his face.

“I thought we were doing Honest and Inaction Means Acceptance” Jose replied

“Honest is so boring though”

“Yeah but it shows diversity” Ellen interjected “Honest is slow and unique to us, it isn’t cliché and it’s a lot cleaner and more mature than some of our other songs. It’ll help prove that we aren’t just some dumb group of teenagers with a hopeless dream. It will let them know that we’re serious about this and that we have a shot.” She said passionately “plus, try telling Margo that you want to change the song choice.” The three glanced round to see her flitting about, collecting up their equipment, whilst whispering to herself hurriedly.

“Fair point” Adam responded

“She’d go ape shit” giggled Collin, and they chortled along with him.

“What’s the joke guys?” Margo smiled, spinning round. Her mousy brown hair looked almost blonde under the limp swinging light that flickered bravely on the ceiling. She had pale blue eyes the glimmered with hope and inspiration. She wasn’t particularly girly looking at all and could easily be described as a tomboy. Her face always looked slightly panic stricken.

“Nothing, we were just talking about the meeting with the guy from Revolt Records the day after tomorrow”

“I’m nervous” she admitted “aren’t you?”

“Not really” “I guess so” “Nothing to worry about” they all said at once.

“A bit” stuttered Ellen

“It’s just, well; this could be our big break. And I don’t want to screw it up for you guys.”

“Yeah please don’t” Adam put in, Collin glared at him.

“You won’t” Ellen grinned, widening her eyes at Adam “it will go great. Remember what I said when you get nervous, stare at the back and imagine it like another practise performance in the garage. It works, trust me.”

“Thanks Ellen”

“Don’t mention it” she pat Margo on the back “anyway, that said, I have to run guys, see you tomorrow for our last rehearsal before the big day.” She glanced at Margo who had wide eyes in fear at the mention of it being “big”. Collin breathed in with gritted teeth and Adam smirked. “I mean, it’s not that big of a deal, right?”

“Right” Collin smiled at Margo through his curtain of black curls and she appeared to be reassured, so Ellen made to leave with her guitar.

“It is a big deal, it’s a massive deal.” said Adam.

“Argh” Ellen growled exasperatedly at him “you complete douchebag” she swiped him as she went past “Seeyah” she called and Adam grinned after her. 

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