Long Lost

Three people, three dreams, three corners of the world and one very insane government plot to kill off punk rock. United we stand, divided we fall.
Billie-Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Michael Clifford of 5 Seconds Of Summer and Ellen Jefferson of Lossteel (Yeah she's fictional) end up in a whirlpool of disaster when they meet and realise they all have something in common...and it isn't just their love for punk rock.
~Sometimes what's written in the stars is written in our blood~


1. Chapter One

“Hello Mikey, can we call you that or...?” the interviewer said, getting up and smoothing her dress before shaking his hand. Cameras were positioned around the interviewing space and a backdrop of a white sheet was hung to one side with a soft red chair in front of it and this, he presumed, was where he must sit. His dark hair clung to his eyelashes as he attempted to flick it out of the way.

“Yeah of course” he smiled, taking his place, bracing himself for the questions he had been asked a million times.

“I’m Melissa Darby” she grinned a toothy grin that flashed her ever so slightly crooked white teeth in an attempt to make him feel comfortable, but he was relaxed enough as it was and he wasn’t letting his guard completely down. “So Mikey, to start off I’d like to say you’re looking very dapper today...”
“And you, and you” he added, a slight flirty hint in his voice, despite having no real interest in the woman he was confronted with.

“Such a sweetheart, where are the other boys right about now?”

“Probably in a dressing room somewhere or eating...they like to eat”

The woman laughed vaguely at this, ready to sink her claws in whatever juicy gossip she thought Michael held.

“Haha, so funny” Michael wriggled in his seat briefly, shaking off the awkwardness of her response “how are you?” she continued conversationally and he had a feeling the real questions hadn’t begun yet.

“Not bad at all really, considering, yourself?”

“I’m very well thank you” an uncomfortable pause of silence passed again. Mikey wasn’t used to these interviews yet, he’d had a hundred and a hundred more, but considering their fan base seemed to grow bigger each day it was still a daunting prospect. “So tell me, what inspired you to be in a band in the first place?”

“I suppose I grew up with music that made me think yeah I can do that, I can be somebody like that and it’s just something that’s been a huge part of my life.”

“So who would you say influenced you the most?”

“A lot of different bands really, but I think for me Green Day and Blink 182 are what really got me into music.”
“So how would you say they have influenced the band as a whole?”

“Well I feel like we’ve fused that new wave of punk with more modern melodies and rock to keep up with the times because it’s the best feeling hearing your music on the radio, even if it’s just a local station and that really only happens if you keep it modern and appeal to a wider audience.”

“And so obviously with this kind of job and lifestyle, what do your parents think of all of this?” the woman leaned slightly forward in her seat, revealing a small proportion of her bust, expecting him to make some sort of punk rock comment about not caring or giving a shit.

“Well they’re pretty supportive of it, but in the beginning they were a bit wary, like most parents, but nowadays I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like.”

“And what do they think about your piercings and your tattoos and the possible ‘names in arrow hearts’?”

“Ahaha, I mean my mom wasn’t best pleased, but if it’s something you wanna do then you should do it, it’s not like I’ve thrown T.V’s out of windows. I think she’d kill me if I tattooed the name of a girl on me, she’s not really into that.”
“Do you and your mom ever argue about these kinds of things?”

“Well not really, she’ll try and go against it but then sigh exasperatedly and say it’s my choice, which it is; I think I could be doing a lot worse.”

“Whilst we’re on this subject, what does she think of your hair colour?”

“Well it changes so often I don’t think even she can keep up with that, but I’m sure she’d rather I kept to something natural.”

“Dying your hair all these colours has sort of become your signature thing, would you agree?”

“Yeah I guess you could say that, I mean it’s just all about expressing yourself really.”

“You’ve been a wonderful guest Mikey, thank you for coming” she grinned, having got whatever it was from the interview.

“My pleasure” he smiled back “Thanks for having me”

“One final question, before you go, you and your mom seem to have conflicting views on certain things, would I be right in suggesting that? Do you feel that this could ever become a problem within the band?”

“I wouldn’t really say conflicting, but we don’t always agree, but moms are just there to try and care for you. I don’t think she’d ever try and tell me what to do within the band because it’s my job now and I think she’s accepted that we do it our own way. As for my dad, well he kind of doesn’t like that I’m touring over the world and seeing this much because he thinks I’m still too young and the fame has hit all of a sudden and we’ve just been thrown in at the deep end, not knowing how to swim. But to that I say we’ve gotta learn somehow and it’s all about controlling yourself and doing it as much for the fans as anything. We don’t really seem to agree at all in this aspect, but we each have our own thoughts on the world that we decide from what we’ve seen. They say old and wise and young and dumb, but there’s something beautiful about naivety...But yeah, I’m nothing like my parents.”

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