Long Lost

Three people, three dreams, three corners of the world and one very insane government plot to kill off punk rock. United we stand, divided we fall.
Billie-Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Michael Clifford of 5 Seconds Of Summer and Ellen Jefferson of Lossteel (Yeah she's fictional) end up in a whirlpool of disaster when they meet and realise they all have something in common...and it isn't just their love for punk rock.
~Sometimes what's written in the stars is written in our blood~


4. Chapter Four

In a secluded room in the houses of parliament, a group of around ten men sat round a table topped with oak polish, with stern looks on their faces. Each of them wore shadowy suits and not one hair on any of their heads was out of place. These males were businessmen. They were protectors of the growing economy and capitalist government. Nothing could ever stop these flies on their journey to the light.


“Welcome everyone, thank you for coming.” One man spoke out of the grey clan of cotton as he strolled to the front of the room. “You know why you’re here, so there’s no need to indulge in small talk.” Glaring at each of their faces, he had eyes that bored into their skulls and saw every last bit of their dismal, cheerless minds. “So, as you may be aware, depression amongst young people is on increase each year and it has never been at a higher rate than it is in the present day. There are several reasons as to why this could be, such as peer pressure, the amount of stress they are put under at school and in everyday life, or even their lifestyle choices. Now, as I have just said, the rate is on a rapid incline and there is an explicit reason for this.” The man pressed a button on the small remote he held and a projection of the Ramones was displayed in holographic light on to a wall in front of the men. “1974, the birth of one of the most renowned punk rock bands the world has ever known” he subtly clicked through a slide of various bands such as Blondie and the Stranglers. “Punk rock music can be traced back to 1960, but 74 is our significant period for the increase in teenage rowdiness, rebellious behaviour, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and for what? Song after song about meaningless matters and how difficult life is when you’re 18 years old with no responsibilities, no cares in the world except how hard being normal and following authority has become.” The man paused, allowing the troop in front of him to take it all in. “Suicide increased by 2% in that one year, bearing in mind it had decreased substantially before this point in time. But that wasn’t the end of the story, suicide rate gradually increased by tiny amounts each year until the sudden introduction of such bands as Green Day, Sum 41, Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance etcetera, etcetera. Albums captivated a young audience, gave them something they could ‘relate to’, when in reality, the songs didn’t save these people’s lives… They destroyed them!” A murmur of agreement washed over the men surrounding him. “Suicide rate has increased by 50% since the year of 1960. These young one’s lives are being poisoned by blasphemy and anti-everything behaviour. One million people year upon year commit suicide, a global mortality rate of sixteen people in every one hundred thousand. Do you know how many that is?” He clicked the button and a slide of rows of silhouetted people lined the projection screen. “One every forty seconds” with every syllable of that sentence, a figure fell down to the floor on the wall. Silence filled with stun and uncomfortable feeling floated in the air. “As you all know, our governments across the UK, USA and Australia are more fragile than they have ever been and a revolution is in our midst. The citizens in our countries and global powers are unsafe due to us; we’re breaking down steadily because of these miscreants who believe so thoroughly in freedom that they want to put us all in danger of a world without rules and leadership. They don’t care for equality, they care for themselves.” Gulping noises became prominent as the strangers exchanged uneasy glances. “So, what do we do?” his hand caressed the remote and the screen changed once more to a slide with the faces of pop artists through the ages on. “This is our answer; neutral music which portrays positive messages of love and friendship and pro-everything. This is what we need to ensure our safety for as long as we have popular music culture, they cannot touch us; they cannot touch our society. But they are trying to break our firmly and thoughtfully placed barriers. Times are different now because of music. Crime rates, angry attacks and suicide are the highest they have ever been in the past few decades and that is down to rock. There have been more uprisings and more questions and we need to stop them.” Applause rang out as did mutters of agreement. The man at the front was yelling over the cheers of his small audience. “We are not weak, nor are they strong, but this is something we have to do for the safety of our governing body, for the safety of our world.”


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