Book reviews!!!!! [On Hold]

So this is my book review place. Just read the first chapter to get your book reviewed :)


5. book review: This Is Us

Thanks for letting me review your book @Gambino▲Hood!

Title: This Is Us

Author: Gambino▲Hood

What I thought:

I really liked this book. It was so real for me, I loved the fact that you was talking about teen pregnancy cause a lot of people go through that. I really love Alexandra cause she's such a strong young women. I really love where the chapter are not too long and not too short their perfect. And I really loved that you spelled almost every word right but

1. You said "I heard I female voice" but that's probably not your fault cause sometimes when I write "a" my IPod would do it's own thing and it will turn out to be "I"

2. You spelled Kevin Hart's name wrong I forgot the way you spelled it but I know you spelled his last name wrong

Besides those two I think the book was great

So I'll give you a 9.5! Congrats you did great!

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