Book reviews!!!!! [On Hold]

So this is my book review place. Just read the first chapter to get your book reviewed :)


30. Book review: The Missing Ring.

So first I wanna start this off by saying hi and my name is shantez, not that you would care though. lmao 

Thanks @Book Maker for letting me review your book! 

Title: The Missing Ring

Author: Book Maker 

Status: in progress 

                                        My thoughts: 

So first off I don't wanna say what type of book this is about, because to be honest I'm not even sure but I can tell you guys so far it's about kidnap. Who doesn't love those kind of stories? So anyways, I really like the idea you have so far of this story, just I have a couple things to say, the chapters should be a little longer in my opinion and should be more detailed. And there is a lot of grammar mistakes in both chapters. 

For example when you said "two whole hour and 12 minutes left" or "so the other 9 officer left" and those are only a few of them. 

So I would just suggest that you fix them:) and maybe once you get done writing a new chapter for your story maybe have a family member or friend read it before you publish them, just so you can fix them up quickly. 

So those are just my thoughts:) I really like the book so far but like I said maybe fix those little problems and the book will be great I can already tell, and don't worry! This happens so many times to people even me! :)

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