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So this is my book review place. Just read the first chapter to get your book reviewed :)


15. book review: Something About Her

Thanks @ILuvHarry for letting me review your awesome book!

Hi it's Shantez! First I want to say a HUGE sorry for making you wait so long for the review but here it is!

Author: ILuvHarry

Title: Something About Her

What I thought:

First I really like the cover, the title is pretty cute

The first chapter I loved!

This book is so AMAZING!

I love the writing but you messed up on ONE word, and guess what? THAT'S IT. You put the word together I forgot what it was but for example: shesaid

Get it?

And I didn't really like when you would put a lot of exclamation marks or a lot of question marks on some chapters

And like on some words (like a couple) you would put the last letter a lot like for example: you put "okayyyyy" and I didn't like that

And that's about all the mistakes

All I gotta say is I LOVE THIS BOOK, I was hooked on it from the first chapter to the last!

Girl what was you trying to kill me or something? Playing with my feels, pff

And first you almost gave me a HEART ATTACK from Taylor but then there was Kendall (she's such a bitch)

Anyways I REALLY love this! Please update!

So I'll give you a 9.5!

Congrats! You did awesome!

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