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So this is my book review place. Just read the first chapter to get your book reviewed :)


13. Book Review: Princess Of Blood

Hi Shantez here and first I wanna say I'm supper, supper sorry it took me so long to review your book hope you're not mad at me

Thanks for letting me review your book!

Tittle: Princess Of Blood

Author(s): Annadima123 &, 1d And 5sos<3 &, CJ Horan

What I thought:

Well I really liked the style of the book and love the way you're going with it, I mean like who doesn't love one direction vampire stories? Right? But anyways I really liked it, but not to sound mean or anything

1. I don't know how to put this but you should've used "space" a little more like for example you put: "oh,you got your fangs a bit early!" You kept doing that and I didn't really like it

2. You kept putting text language (if that even makes sense) like for example you put: "1 sec" or "LOL" or "1 min" You know what I mean?

3. You didn't spell Lilly's name with a capital letter at the start you kept spelling it as: lilly

And sometimes you spelled the boy's without a capital letter too

4. You kept spelling some words with all capital letters and lots of exclamation marks, Like for example: BLUE!!!!!

And I didn't like that at all, for me you could put all capitals sometimes but not every chapter

5. Oh and sometimes you put this face: :0

You should take those out

But besides those I really liked the book! You did great!

So I'll give you a 5! Congrats!

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