Book reviews!!!!! [On Hold]

So this is my book review place. Just read the first chapter to get your book reviewed :)


27. Book Review: Plunder.

Amour Tay Tay here!

Sorry it took me forever @Mirlotta! <3

Author: Mirlotta

Title: Plunder.

Genre: Thriller/Horror

First I'm gonna be completely honest, I don't really read these kind of stories so I wasn't really interested in it.

I felt like the chapters were kinda long so it took me awhile to read them.

I would've liked if you explained the character a little more in the first chapter. Like I didn't know who Meela or Isabel was.

I could really tell that you did work really hard in this book. It seems like you really put your time in it and I really like that. :)

I noticed you was really good with your grammar I thought that was awesome. I suck at grammar XD

I don't really have much to say. But like I said, I don't read these kind of books so it's just my option! Lol

I'll give you a 5. I noticed a lot of people really enjoys the book so that's really great.

Remember, I'm not saying I think the book is bad or it sucks, it really seems good and cool it's just that it's not my type. :)

But in my option you did amazing, not just by my choice of the book but by all the views you got.

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