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17. Book Review: Luke and Rylie

Hii it's me Shantez, sorry for making you wait so long to get your book reviewed. Hope your not mad at me

Thanks @Summer_:) for letting me review your book!

Title: Luke and Rylie

Author: Summer_:)

What I thought:

Well let's start with the blurb. To be honest I'm not really a fan of the blurb, I just think it should be a little more interesting, you know to catch the readers attention fast

The title, I gotta say it could've been a little more interesting

And now for the story. I really LOVED cause you have no spelling mistakes so far from what I read, sometimes the chapters are kinda long so I'm not done reading the whole book to be honest, I'm still on chapter 11

I'm not really into the way your writing the story. The character is not talking at all, the author is

For me it felt like how a mother reads a bedtime story to their child (if that even makes sense)

Most people wanna read from what the characters are saying, and for me I didn't really feel that

I'm sure a lot of people likes that but I'm not one of them

I loved the cute moments Luke and Rylie had!!

I loved when you was writing the story you didn't have like a lot of question marks or something like that cause some really great authors do that

So the point is, I really like this story! It's really good!

And you almost made me cry on chapter 7! Paul had a heart attack? I was like dead right there

So I'll give you a 7!

Congrats you did awesome!

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