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28. Book Review: Heroes.

Amour Tay Tay here!

Sorry it's been so long @Aaliyah_1D_5SOS!

Author: Asliyah_1D_5SOS

title: Heroes

Genre: Paranormal & Supernatural


I really liked it! It was really good! First I wasn't really sure because of the first I think 3 chapters there wasn't really anything going on or no one was talking but then when I started to get it further I was like "yussss" XD

I like it where you started to make the chapters a little longer, I think you should keep it that way it seems really good for me.

I would say, maybe you should change the cover? I would say maybe something a little more dramatic or something that would really catch your eye! You know?

And (in my option :p) maybe you should stop using hyphens and start using quotation marks when the characters are speaking. I don't know it's just me, I don't really like them when the characters are speaking.

But besides those I really like everything!

I'll give you a 9/10! Congrats you did great! :)

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