Book reviews!!!!! [On Hold]

So this is my book review place. Just read the first chapter to get your book reviewed :)


10. book review: Good Girls Are Bad Angels

Thanks @Beautifully Hemmings for letting review your other book!

Title: Good Girls Are Bad Angels

Author: Beautifully Hemmings

What I thought:

Well first I didn't really like the blurb. It wasn't really that bad I just thought it was to long, and some of the detail from the blurb you should if put it in the book. But I did liked where Luke is kinda the main character cause other FanFictions the girl is always the main character so I thought that was something different :)

1. Some things you didn't used quotation marks. For me it's important cause sometimes the readers might get confused

2. Not to be rude but this story didn't really catch my attention. I like the cover and the title sounds really interesting, but the blurb was kinda long and the story wasn't really interesting for me

So I'll rate you a 5

Sorry please no hate, but you still did good :)

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