Book reviews!!!!! [On Hold]

So this is my book review place. Just read the first chapter to get your book reviewed :)


14. book review: Daddy's Little Girl

Thanks @Awsome Smileys for letting me review your book!

Hi it's me Shantez! First I wanna say I'm sorry for taking such a long time to review your lovely book, but I finally got a chance to so here is what I thought

Author: Awesome Smileys

Tittle: Daddy's Little Girl

What I thought:

I really liked it! But at first I didn't really find interest in the first chapter but when I started reading the second and third, I was like "I really like this" so anyways I think you did great! I love the characters (especially Leo!) I like the cover it's simple and cute but not too simple.

You had NO spelling mistakes, I loved that

Your book was great but like you had just the littlest problem

1. You kept using ALOT of exclamation marks and I didn't really thought that was useful

But besides that the story was great! You should keep going!

So congrats! I'll give you a 9.5!

You did great! Just remember to take most of the exclamation marks away

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