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So this is my book review place. Just read the first chapter to get your book reviewed :)


29. Book Review: Christmas Of Perfection.

Amour Tay Tay here!

Thanks guys for letting me review your book!

Title: Christmas Of Perfection.

Authors: XC Diva, Salvation Winters & Kreyadis.

Genre: Romance.


Can I just say something? *clears throat* OMG I love it! It was really great! I loved each chapter.

Speaking of the chapters- I thought they were just perfect, they length of them, I love where like in every chapter there's something new but important.

I think the characters are so realistic.

When I got on to chapter 4 (I think cx) where Gabe and Madison starting dating I woke up my sister from sleeping right next to me. XD (I started to freak out, okay? Okay.)

I seriously could've imagine the whole book as a movie. It was truly great.

I noticed your grammar was on top of the place lol.

I seriously had no problems at all with this book.

I'll give you guys a 10! Congrats! You did amazing!

I noticed there was this comment saying "I see you becoming a great arthour in your life" And I seriously couldn't agree more. :)

So overall, I had no problems. :)

-Shantez (I felt like putting my name at the end. :p)

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