Book reviews!!!!! [On Hold]

So this is my book review place. Just read the first chapter to get your book reviewed :)


21. Book review: Blue Moon: Darkness

Hii it's Shantez here aka Amour Tay Tay, and first I wanna say I'm sorry for making you wait so long to get your book reviewed. 


Thanks Dark Warrior for letting me review your book! 

Tittle: Blue Moon: Darkness

Author: Dark Warrior 

             What I thought: 

I liked it! It was interesting! I can't really say anything bad about this book! But you had VERY little problems. 

1. On one line you put; "I has to get out of here" so maybe remove the "has" and put "have" 

2. I felt like the chapters was kinda long. 

But besides those there ain't anything bad I could say! 

So I'll give you a 9! 

Congrats you did awesome! 

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