Callie Smith is one of the most talented singers and musicians that sea view high has ever seen!
But when she is partnered with bad boy Harry styles will all of that change?
What happened when they are forced to share the stage?
And is Harry really what everyone thinks?

Find out in duet


1. Summer concert

Callie's pov.

I can't believe it!! I'd actually won! My music teacher handed me my scholarship to the most prestigious music school that I would be attending in a few years time. I was thrilled! I had been practising for this competition for months and now I had actually won!

I didn't even care about all the looks I was getting from the unsuccessful candidates. I was just so thrilled that nothing else mattered.

People from everywhere shook my hand and congratulated me but everything was a blur. I knew that when school started again in September I would have nothing to worry about with regards to my future. And that was calming in a way.

I was still on a high even when it was time to leave. But then something unexpected happened. THE Harry Styles actually spoke to me! "Congratulations Callie, see you in September" he spoke softly. Then he gave me a lopsided grin and wandered off into the night. I decided to brush it off but part of me was wondering what he meant. He has never shown any interest in me before. So why now?

Harry's pov.

She looked stunning up there. And her voice... Soft as an angel. At least there was some good in being here. Even if I was forced to come. I'm so glad she won. It gives me another reason to talk to her. I wandered over and tapped her on the shoulder. Her head whipped around and the smile on her face quickly vanished when she saw it was me.

I said to her " congratulations Callie, see you in September" and she sort of half nodded in reply. I think I saw fear in her eyes. That just makes her even more adorable! No... Harry Styles does not fall in love. He makes others fall for him. I told myself. She would want me soon enough ,I know it. And I can't wait to see her face when I join her music class! Hopefully we can spend more time together.

No! I don't fall in love. Not after last time...

Authors note-

Hey guys! This is going to be such a good book as I have many plans for it! Please like and comment your suggestions and I will read them all! I will release the next chapter as soon as possible.

Keep reading xxxxx

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