Callie Smith is one of the most talented singers and musicians that sea view high has ever seen!
But when she is partnered with bad boy Harry styles will all of that change?
What happened when they are forced to share the stage?
And is Harry really what everyone thinks?

Find out in duet


2. Morning before school

Cally's pov

Beep beep beep beep my alarm screamed at me. Lazily I rolled over in bed and released a loud sigh. First day back at school. I am a tenth grader now and everything is going to get much harder. Not just in classes. With only one best friend socialising isn't really an option. Music is the only thing that speaks to me.

When I could finally pull myself out of bed I found several messages on my phone from Allison who was frantically trying to find an outfit to wear! I swear that girl is obsessed with how she looks! Me being me was organised and I had chosen my outfit the night before so was ready in about 15 minutes.

I picked up a quick bagel for breakfast and slung my bag over my shoulder while shouting bye to my mum.

"Work hard darling!" She shouted in reply.

Rolling my eyes I shut the front door and strolled towards the café where I always meet Allison before school starts. She wasn't there yet so I sat down in our usual corner and ordered a mocha latte with cinnamon. Eventually she turned up and purchased a cappuccino then flopped in the chair across from me.

"How do u always look so stunning?" She squeaked at me.

I laughed and said "umm I don't!" I mean I don't know why she was so obsessed with clothes! I'd say I have a fairly normal interest but Allison was beyond crazy. That's just why I love her!

Realising we were late for school we both grabbed our bags and sprinted to school. Well ,as fast as Allison would let me as she was worried about her hair -that she kept reminding me- took a whole hour to do!

We made it to home room just in time as the late bell rang. Breathlessly we flopped into our seats and it gazed around my class at who I was with this year.

Then suddenly..... "Oh no... No no no no no!" It can't be. Why is he in our class?!?!

Authors note:

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Who is the boy in her class?

Read on to find out .....

Much love xoxo

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