Daddy Ashton

Jessica Hemmings was not the typical average girl. She never expected her life to turn out like this. Her younger brother is Luke Hemmings from the band 5 seconds of summer. She didn't expect to get have a one night stand after her 21 birthday party, but she never expected it with one of Luke's band mates. What will happen when she finds out she's pregnant?


6. Chapter 5:

I watch Luke walk away so I send Ashton after him. When he leaves I go to stand but instead Michael and Calum help me. I look over at my mom who's still crying and she comes and hugs me " so this is what has been happening? Oh my god Jess how do you handle it" she asks pulling back. I shrug and say "I got used to it but having Ashton there helps, it's like even though the baby is still tiny it's like it knows it's dad is there" I smile saying this then I say placing a hand in my stomach "I better go find them" I walk out and see Ashton and Luke yelling in the living room " first you fuck my sister then you knock her up and now your basically killing her! Do you even care that my sister is dying or that your baby is dying" Luke yells in Ashton's face. Ashton looks pissed but somehow he is calm. "I really like your sister Luke why would I want to kill her! It's killing me to see her like this but did you bother to ask how I feel? I wish my best mate would talk to me but he's to good to be my friend now that his sister is pregnant. I get it your pissed but don't ignore Jess she needs you just like she needs me and your mom". He yells back then turns but sees me. I stand there extremely mad. "Luke I don't want you to be mad at him be mad at me. I'm the one who came up to him that night I'm the one who decided to keep this baby so hate me" I yell turning away from him walking towards the door then turn to face him "tomorrow is my three month check up and I find out the sex of the baby I wish you will be there" I turn and walk out as Ashton follows me. I get to the car and throw open the door and slam it. I feel tears falling so I wipe them "can we just go home" I say string out the window. I hear him start the car and say "are you hungry you need to eat is there something you want" when he says that my stomach growls " I want tacos" I say and he laughs "tacos it is" he drives off to get some. When we get home we get in the house and I devour the tacos. Ashton laughs at how much I ate but I don't care my baby is hungry. I get up and say "I'm going to bed it's been a long day I'm excited but nervous about tomorrow" he walks up to me and pulls me close with his hands wrapped around my waist "I can't either I wonder if it's a boy or girl" he says excitedly. "Me too" I kiss his lips and then pull away smiling while I walk up stairs and change into sweats and a shirt. As I pull my shirt on I notice my shirt is tight so I walk to the mirror. I notice a little bump and I smile. I never really noticed it before. I walk away and pull it off so since it doesn't fit I grab one of Ashton's. I then lay on the bed and I grab my phone from beside the bed. I look and see a text from Michael and Calum

*from Smurf(Michael):

Jess I'm sorry how Luke acted but yay a baby haha congrats jessjess

*from CalCal(Calum):

OMG Jess your prego! Yay but poor Ash who will he handle an emotional pregnant girl like you haha jk love you jessssss!

I laugh reading them so I text back

*to Smurf(Michael):

Haha it's ok but yay a baby! Haha thanks Smurf!

*to CalCal(Calum):

Hey now I'm not that bad haha I love ya to Callllllummmmm hehe

I set my phone down and see Ashton walk in the room stripping off his shirt. I watch as he does it and I bite my lip. They warned me being pregnant I would want sex a lot but I didn't believe them. I stare as he turns and he looks at me "like what you see" he says smirking. "Actually yes" I start " I want you" he gets on the bed and sits in front of the me and pulls me into for a kiss. I kiss him roughly hoping to get the point across that I want him so bad. He pulls my(his) top off then lays me back on the bed. I lift my hips as he starts pulling my pants off. He kisses me then moves his mouth to my neck giving it a quick bite. He gets back up and takes his pants off then positions himself at my enterence slowly pushing in me. I let a little moan and move my hips with his. He bends and kisses while moving and I feel myself getting close then I cum and so does he and he pulls out an lays next to me. I turn to my side and cuddle into his chest and I fall asleep. When I wake up I notice the time and realize we need to get ready. "Ashton" I shake him "we need to get ready" he doesn't budge "Ashton if you don't wake up I swear to god I will get a bucket of ice water and dump on you" I yell and he gets up. "I'm up" he says getting up and walks to me "good morning" he says kissing me. "Good morning" kisses back "you might want to shower" I say and he nods and walks to the bathroom. I change and head downstairs to make something to eat but I get lazy so I grab a banana. He come down and we head to the car driving to the doctors. We get there and sign in and the get us in a room. I sit on the table thing as the doctor walks "good morning how are you to mommy" "I'm good, better" I say "that's good. We got your files from the hospital and I'm sorry about what's happening but do you still want to find out the sex" she asks. I look at Ashton and he nods so I say "yes please" the doctor says then "lift up your shirt and remember this will be cold" she says as I lift my shirts and she pulls gel on. She moves the wan around so I watch her. She goes "hmm" Ashton says "is everything ok doc" the doctor smiles "I can see why your body is having problems with this pregnancy because guys you are having twins" my eyes grow huge with tears "twins?!" I say and I look at Ashton who is in shock. "Yes a boy and a girl" she says and turns the screen towards me and I break down crying. "My babies. Our babies Ashton" I say looking at Ashton who gets up and kisses me "our babies" he say. I wipe my stomach as she prints out pictures and I stand up walking out. "Ashton we are having twins" i say excitedly. I get in the car and we head home. And for once everything feels right.

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