Daddy Ashton

Jessica Hemmings was not the typical average girl. She never expected her life to turn out like this. Her younger brother is Luke Hemmings from the band 5 seconds of summer. She didn't expect to get have a one night stand after her 21 birthday party, but she never expected it with one of Luke's band mates. What will happen when she finds out she's pregnant?


5. Chapter 4:

I didn't know how to react, I've never seen him like this before. I pull my shirt down and slowly get up, backing away from him. Ashton like this is scary. He is always so gentle and kind and seeing him like this, him being this mad scares the crap out of me. As I'm backing up I see him turn and he looks at my scared expression and all the fury fades in his eyes. "Oh god Jess I didn't mean to scare you. Please don't back away" he pleads but I couldn't stand there so I turned and walked as fast as I could upstairs hoping he wouldn't follow and luckily he didn't. I go to my room and lock the door and lay on the bed. I just lay on my side staring at the wall for what seems like forever. The only movement I make is running to the bathroom throwing up. I know I shouldn't be scared because he's only mad the guy hurt me but his face is what scared me, I never seen that on him and I never thought I would. I glance at the clock and see it's been two hours so I decide to check on Ashton. I get up and walk to the door I see him asleep in the hallway. When I see him I feel bad for the way I reacted. I easily bend down and crouch next to him and shake his shoulder. When I do that his eyes flutter then open. "Jess" he says groggily "yes it's me umm I'm sorry about earlier I know that you would never hurt me it's just when I saw you like that I freaked" I say watching him as he stands up then helps me up. He cups my cheek and I lean into his hand as he says "I should be the one that's sorry. I kinda broke your wall" he chuckles before he continues "besides I should of had a better control of myself when I saw the bruise. It's just that I want to protect you and our baby and I didn't" I tear up as he talks "look Ashton it's ok the guy is a creep. Come on we have to get ready because we are going out" I say "where" he looks at me "well we have to tell the other boys and I have to tell my mom and your family" as I say this his eyes get huge and I walk into my room. I notice he has some of his stuff here and that he's always over so I get an idea "umm ash" I ask and he turns to me "yeah" "I've been thinking and you are always over here and everything and you say you want to be there for us so why don't you move in" as I finish his smile gets huge "really Jessica?" I nod "Yes I mean it would be easier" he chuckles "but your not helping me move my stuff though" "why" I ask "because your pregnant and I don't need you hurt" I sigh "fine". I walk to the closet and change. Walking out I see Ashton on the bed on his phone so I sneak up on him and tap his shoulder and he jumps. "Shit Jess you scared me" he says while I'm laughing really hard "sorry babe but I had to" I say still laughing and he fake pouts. "Awe did I hurt your feelings" I say "a little" he says so I give him a kiss and I say "get up we have to go" he stands up and we walk downstairs and to the car. He turns the radio on as he drives to my mums place. When we get there I notice that I see Calum and Michael's along with Luke's in the driveway. We get out and head to the door just opening it and walking in. I see my mum in the kitchen so I go and walk there. "Mum!" I say hugging her "I missed you Jessica it's been to long" she says kissing my cheek "yeah it has but can you follow me into the living room I have something to tell you guys" I say pulling her in there. "Ok so Ashton said you had something to tell us" I look at him and say "yes smuf I do but you all need to do but you all should sit because it's good and bad news" I see everyone sit and say "at my 21st birthday party me and Ashton hooked up well I got pregnant" I here gasps "your pregnant" my mum says "yes but that's not all. Ummm" I take a deep breath looking at Ashton and he nods at me to continue. "Well I've been having these sharp pains throughout my entire body and I went to the hospital and they said I might lose this baby but even die" as I say that my mum starts crying "your going to die" she says. "Mum it's not a yes or no it could go either way they don't know but your a mum I know you'd do anything to protect me or Luke so I hope you understand that's what I'm doing" I say tearing up and place a hand on my stomach. "I do understand" she starts "I just hope you both don't die" "me either" says Calum and everyone else. Ashton looks at me "well that went better than I thought" and I just laugh. "So mum got any pickles and Nutella" I ask and they all look at me. "Don't ask that's what she has been craving" says Ashton and Michael looks disgusted. "In the fridge is pickles and the cabinet has the Nutella and I run and grab it and start eating. After I finish both jars I get up to go to the bathroom only to fall in pain. Everyone rushes to me and Ashton holds me into his chest while holding my hand riding out the pain. After a few it fades and everyone is staring at me. "So this is what happens" Luke asks "all the time" I say. As I stand he hugs me and I hug him back. "You know I love you right sis" he ask and I nod and say "yes I do but there is something I may have forgotten to mention" "which is what" he asks "ashton is moving in with me" I say and I look at Luke who has and expression I can't read. "Moving in" he says so I nod and he walks away from me leaving me stunned.

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