Daddy Ashton

Jessica Hemmings was not the typical average girl. She never expected her life to turn out like this. Her younger brother is Luke Hemmings from the band 5 seconds of summer. She didn't expect to get have a one night stand after her 21 birthday party, but she never expected it with one of Luke's band mates. What will happen when she finds out she's pregnant?


3. Chapter 3 Part 1:

After running to my room I lay and cry for what seems like hours but looking at the time it's been an hour. All I want is for this to be a dream. I can't lose this baby but I can't believe Ashton would ask me to abort it. We aren't dating and we aren't in love so it shouldn't bother him. I would gladly die if it meant for my baby to live. I can't look at him after he said that so I decide to see if maybe Luke will answer. Dialing his number I wait for it to ring. After two rings he answers "hello?" He says and I start crying "Lukey" I sniff. "Jessi are you crying? Are you ok?" He says "no I'm not I really need you and I know you probably hate me but I need you here". Crying more I barely hear when he says "I will be right over". After hanging up I grab my cat that is at the end of the bed and cuddle with her. I remember when Luke got me her so I wouldn't be alone in the house. I love her to death and she usually helps me calm down, but not today. As she snuggles into me I pet her head and I hear the bedroom door open. I look and see Luke so he comes and sits on the bed. "So sis what's going on?" He asks. "You know how I'm pregnant right" he nods "well I was having sharp pains so Ashton drove me to the hospital. They told me that if I continued to have this baby it would probably die but that I could to. Ashton is mad at me and wants me to abort it but I can't. Do you think I'm selfish"? I look down. "It's not selfish Jess. But if I had to choose between you and the baby I would choose you. Does the baby and you have a chance to survive" he asks. "Yes but there is no guarantees on what the result will be. We could still live but he doesn't want to chance it. I will still have the pains but I don't mind it" he looks at me and hugs me. "It's your decision but if it comes down to it and you die yes I will it would hurt but the fact you would be dying for the baby I guess would make it a little better". "I wish he felt the same" I say and sit up. Luke stands up and tells me he has to go so I tell goodbye and lay back down rolling over to my right side but as I do I get nauseous so I spring up and run to the bathroom. As I lift the seat and start puking my guts up I feel someone lift my hair. I want to say something but every time I go to talk I end up puking more. After five torturous minutes I finish so I reach and flush it and walk to the sink. I look in the mirror and I see Ashton crying and yes my heart breaks at the sight but I'm still incredibly pissed at him. I reach for my tooth brush when I feel a hand on my stomach and I stiffen. "Jess," he starts " I'm sorry for asking you to abort the baby. I know we aren't dating but I always wanted to. When the doctor said you had a chance of dying I freaked ok. I like you a whole lot than I should. I still want to be here for you and even this baby." As he was talking I was brushing my teeth so I spit the toothpaste out and turns towards him. " I like you too Ash I always have" I pull him towards me and grabs his hand and places it under mine on my stomach. Looking at him i say "You do know it's ok to love this baby right" I see more tears come to his eyes "no matter what this baby is a part of you and I need you to promise that if something happens that you will take care of it for me, or I will haunt your ass" I giggles as I joke. "How can you crack jokes Jess" I place a hand on his cheek and say "if I don't I'll break and I can't yet". I kiss him and at first I can feel him to try and reject it but he gives in. I feel him push me against the sink and he goes to lift me up but as he does another pain shoots through my body so I scream out and cry into his chest.

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