Daddy Ashton

Jessica Hemmings was not the typical average girl. She never expected her life to turn out like this. Her younger brother is Luke Hemmings from the band 5 seconds of summer. She didn't expect to get have a one night stand after her 21 birthday party, but she never expected it with one of Luke's band mates. What will happen when she finds out she's pregnant?


2. Chapter 2:

It's been two days since I found out I was pregnant and told Ashton and I still haven't told Luke. He will surely hate me after this. Ashton has been with me since finding out, making sure I'm fine but he's going overboard. As I lean back against the bed I decide I need to tell Luke now so I pick up my phone and dial his number. "Hi Jessi! What's up" I hear after three rings. Tears are forming in my eyes and look and see Ashton standing in the doorway so I say into the phone "can you come over I really need to tell you something" "is everything ok sis? Sound upset" he sounds worried so I say "just hurry" and hang up. I throw my phone on the bed and bite my lip as tears fall. I feel the bed sink and look over at Ashton who pulls me into a hug so I sob. Ten minutes of cuddling and crying I hear a knock on the door so I get up to answer it. When I swing the door open I see Luke so I step aside and let him in. He walks in and must of spotted Ashton because I hear him say "jessi, ash what's going on" I feel a hand slip in mine so I take a deep breath and say "you know a couple weeks ago and my birthday party"? He's staring at our hands with his arms crossed looking pissed "yeah what about it" "well me and Ashton hooked up and I'm pregnant" I look at him and see him getting redder. "You knocked my sister up? Dude how could you fuck my sister" he yells and I just lose it, crying more. "Luke it was a accident. I've always liked your sister but because she is I never did anything" he starts and your head snaps up. "We were drunk and I know that's not an excuse but I promise that I will be there for Jessica and this baby. Don't hate Jessica hate me" Luke doesn't say anything and walks out. I go to the couch and sit. It's never been like this between me and Luke, we always had a close relationship even though I was older. Him walking out hurt. I feel arms around me "Jess you need to calm down it won't be good for the baby. Besides we need to get ready we have an appointment to check on the baby." I get up and grab my purse and walk to the car with him following. The silence in the car is weird. We usually sing together for fun but now nothing. As we get the doctors I place a hand on my stomach as he grabs the other. I sign in and sit leaning my head on his shoulder feeling a little better. "Miss Hemmings"? I hear so I stand up with Ashton so we walk with the nurse to the back and she gets us in a room. After the doctor walks in and says "hello I'm dr. Miller and I'm going to be your doctor throughout your pregnancy. If you could lean back and lift your shirt I'm going to do a ultrasound." I sit back and lift my shirt as Ashton grabs my hand and my nerves kick in. I feel the cold gel hit my stomach and the wand move around my stomach. After a few seconds I hear a strange noise so I look over at the screen and the doctor goes "that's the baby and what your hearing is the heartbeat. The everything looks good you seem to be almost two months pregnant so next month you should be able to find out the sex." She hands me a napkin to wipe my stomach off so I do and hope down as I pull my shirt down. She hand me the pictures of our baby and walks out along with us. When we get to the car we head to the house. As we walk in I tell Ashton I'm going to take a shower so I walk to the bathroom and turn the water on and strips. As I get in the hot water feels amazing so I grab the shampoo an start washing my hair. As I do a super sharp pain ripples throughout me so I grab onto the handle and whimper trying to breathe through it. This actually isn't the first time this has happened. When he was out yesterday it happened making me fall to the ground in pain. The pain subsides a little so I continue my shower then turns it off and grabs a towel. As I wrap it around me I walk into my connecting bedroom and see him on the bed. I guess he didn't hear anything. As I reach for a shirt it happens again and before I can fall he catches me. "Jess oh my god what's going on" my eyes close from the pain so he dresses me then picks me up and I feel him set me and and I look and see I'm in the car. He starts it up and drives to the hospital.

••••••Five hours later••••••

I walk back in the house emotionless. I can't believe this is happening. Why me? What did I do to deserve this what did Ashton do? Ashton still hasn't quit crying but I can't seem to comfort him. "Ash...." "Jessi we have to talk about this we need to figure out what to do. I'm not going to lose you and that's what's going to happen! If that baby stays in you you will die or even the baby". I turn to him baffled " are you saying you want me to abort this baby? Nooo! I'm not doing it you can't force me" I run upstairs and throw myself on the bed.

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