Daddy Ashton

Jessica Hemmings was not the typical average girl. She never expected her life to turn out like this. Her younger brother is Luke Hemmings from the band 5 seconds of summer. She didn't expect to get have a one night stand after her 21 birthday party, but she never expected it with one of Luke's band mates. What will happen when she finds out she's pregnant?


1. Chapter 1:

I never expected my life to be like this. Being a sister to a famous brother and certainly didn't expect to be pregnant by his band mate. Well here's what happened.

It was my 21st birthday and Luke insisted that I have a party even though I don't party. I decided to let loose for once so I grabbed a drink and started chugging. I spotted my brothers band mate Ashton looking at me so I head over to him "ash!!!!" I hug him and he holds on longer than I thought. When we break apart I look at him and he leans in and kisses me. It must be the drinks because I feel myself pushing up against him wanting more. Since we were at my place I lead him to my bedroom and push him on the bed. I take my dress off then my bra and panties. I see that he already is undressed so I climb on top of him and kiss him, pushing my tongue into his mouth. After a few he rolls over so he's on top of me and pushes in me. I groan and move my hips with his. He let's go of my lips and works on my breast. All you can hear is moaning and slapping of skin. We keep this up for ten minutes when I feel my orgasm hit and I cum and he does shortly after. He pulls out and lays next to me and I get up and pick my dress up off the floor and put it on. I give him a kiss and walk out smirking leaving him on my bed. I go and find my brother and see he didn't even know I was gone. Finally it's three am an the party breaks up so I end up crashing on my bed. That's the night that changed everything.


A few weeks later:

Every morning for the past few weeks I have been doing nothing but throwing up. At first I thought it was nothing but when I missed my period I freaked. I called my friend Misty and asked if she could stop and pick up a pregnancy test and she did. When she came over she handed me the test so I went and took it. When it was time to look I did and I broke down. A pink plus sign. I'm pregnant by my brothers band mate. "I'm pregnant" I say when I do I feel Misty wrap her arm around me. "Who's the father? And you know you have to tell Luke" she says. "It's Ashton's" she looks at me with wide eyes "Ashton as in Ashton from your brothers band" " yes that one, Luke's going to hate me" "more like Luke's going to hate or kill Ashton" she mumbles. I have to call Ashton and tell him. I pick up my iPhone and dial the number "hello" I hear after a few rings "it's Jessica Luke's sister there's something I need to tell you. That night we had sex I got pregnant and it's yours" I hear nothing so I go to hang up "your pregnant? I will he right over" he hangs up and Misty says she had to leave so I walk her out and now I have to wait for Ashton.


I hear knock on the door and I open it and see Ashton. "You're pregnant" he walks in so I shut the door "yes I took a test after I missed my period. You're the only person I ever had sex with so it's defiantly yours" I look at him to see his reaction and all I see is happiness and I wasn't expecting that. "I'm going to be a dad" he puts his hand on my stomach and rubs circles. "I will be there for you and this baby. I really like you Jessi I always have but I couldn't date you because your Luke's sister but now I have a reason to, so will you be my girlfriend" I nod my head yes and he kisses me and places a kiss on my non existing bump.

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