Live,Love,One Direction

When Stephanie was young a horrible thing happend to her. But now shes older living in a orphanage until one lucky day, the day any girl would love to happen for them. Will Stephanie be happy? Or find out new secrets along the way? Find out for yourself ;)


1. The Very Beginning

Stephanie's P.O.V 

I was only 8 years old.

My mom and dad had dropped me off to my aunts house, they said i'd be staying there for awhile. I've never really met her before. I'm kind of scared but I think it will go well. I don't know for sure and I don't understand the reason they would want me to stay here in the first place. I'll figure out soon I'm sure of it but for now let's get this done and over with, the only thing my mom told me is that she had a twin sister and her daughter Elizabeth lived with her who is 14. 

The car slowly pulled up to the house, I got out waving goodbye to the both of my parents not knowing when I'll see them again.

When i went to the door it was unlocked. I let myself inside seeing my aunt as you would say. 

I went up to her and tugged on her shirt for her attention. She then turned to look at me in disgust. I wonder what her problem was all I know was I didn't do anything wrong.

She said "children like you disguest me." Wow i didn't even say anything, i dont even know her name.

She  smacked me  "Don't ever look at me like that, you can take care of yourself." 

I was horrified 

The next thing i knew is she took me to a room and threw me into it. Why would my parents drop me off to this physco? did they hate me? Why leave for the first place what was there reason? I just really hate them all right now.

When I got up after I got roughly thrown in the room she saw me struggling to get up and she slammed the door locking it as well. I  looked around, the windows were completely boarded up and it was hard to see with the lighting in the room making it difficult.

I tried to find something,anything at all to get the card board off but I was to weak and my search to find something failed. I eventually gave up and sat down on the floor thinking and For what seemed like hours was probably only a couple of minutes my little body gave out. I only remember shutting my eyes at that time.

When I woke up my aunt was entering the room looking to see if I was awake or yet still alive. I saw that on her belt and there was a knife attached to it, just what i need i thought. I still pretended to be asleep still so she wouldn't do anything again worse to me then she already has. She came over to me and started to stroke my hair.

I took that opportunity to grab the knife and I jabbed it in her leg, I ran for the door but she grabbed my leg and I fell. I still had the knife so I jabbed  it in her stomach. Not knowing that I would do such a thing to my mothers sister she looked at me shockingly coming after me still with most of her strength. I ran downstairs and out the door not looking back at whats happening at the moment.

I started to search for somewhere I could stay but where could I? 

There's nothing I could do for no except look for a place to stay. I may be eight but I still now how the real world works and that's only because of my father. I should be thanking him now but he is partially the reason I'm dealing with this.

Eventually I found a house but it looked old and runned down as I saw the windows smashed. I entered the house seeing as it was probably a fire that made the house like this just never rebuilt. My time now was to only rest and I should rest here for tonight but I don't know what I'll do again for tomorrow I can't survive on my own I'm only eight.

When i woke up I saw a man hover over my body. I looked more clearly and got up and saw it was a police officer with his uniform.

" Hello is your name stephanie? Your aunt called and said you ran away." The officer asked politely. 

" Yes, but my aunt hit me. It left marks I can show you." I tried sounding convincing enough and I know that in this world adults don't trust children seeing as most of us do lie just to get what we want but there are still some who don't do that but the adults do what they believe in the most. I proceeded and pulled up my shirt half way showing a tiny scare left behind still noticeable but small.

"Your aunt said it was from you falling down the stairs. Are you sure?" He wasn't convinced I know it for sure I really do. 

I decided that he will believe me only if I show him more. I lifted my pants up showing a few cuts.

He looked closely at the scratches and scars. "Im sorry. No little girl should ever have gone through this. Okay ill take you to a place that you'll be safe and make sure that your aunt goes to a very bad place. I've seen cases like these before they don't end up the best for both the adult and child."

I knew what he meant it meant jail time. His face showed guilt probably from not believing me the first time I showed him the scars. 

We walked out of the house an into his police car, into the building as he walked into the office as I waited outside for an hour or so. The officer came back out of the office.

"you should be good here." said the officer. He walked out of the door from the orphanage waving a goodbye and I returned one back. I saw other kids playing in the room. I went up to one boy asking him if I could join in tfure game which he said yes. Its only been a few minutes and I feel like I belong with some of the kids here. I hope this turns out good.


I got adopted by who i thought were good people but I ended up being abused again and I was brought back to the orphanage.

I can take it anymore I wanna get out of here soon, why? Why me? 

I have no hope left anymore.

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