Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Way Ahead

Buffy and the gang stand victorious, they defeated the first evil and broke the centuries old tradition of one slayer in a generation, so where do Buffy, Dawn, Xander, Willow, Giles, Faith, Robin, Andrew and the surviving potentials go now.

After all there are still plenty of Vampires and Demons left in the world and there is the matter of that other Hellmouth in Cleveland.

New friendships will emerge, old ones will be tested, Slayers old and new will have to face new evils and decide where their futures lay.


5. The Road to Nowhere

The school bus containing the scooby gang had been on the road for almost an entire day.


Several of them including Robin and Faith taking turns driving down what they all thought must be the longest stretch of road in the states.


A road with no service stations, no turn offs, they never even saw any sign of other traffic on the road.


Robin had given way on the latest turn behind the wheel and gone back to sitting in his second row seat next to Faith, who had just woken up from a power nap as she would tell him, not gone to sleep snoring loud enough to wake the dead.


Robin felt much better, which was extraordinary less than 5 hours after being sliced open in the final battle.


Faith was sitting beside him had begun talking to him again, she was astonished to see him doing so well so soon after seeing him close his eyes and momentarily stop breathing certain she had just watched him die.


"All quiet at last," Robin said to her.


"Yeah even the gossip girls have fallen asleep," Faith replied, looking towards the back of the bus where Vi, Rona and Kennedy were out for the count.


Faith had a vested interest in making sure Robin stayed awake, she still had a point to prove regarding the conversation they had about their last session between the sheets.


Well that plus she did like him, she had never really had feelings about a guy before.


These feelings whatever they were, have been a reminder she was once a regular girl, before she became a hot chick with superpowers.


Worrying if the guy who was sweet, charming and funny and knew what he was doing where it mattered, liked her back.


Robin looked at Faith, it was a bit disconcerting the way she was looking at him, but at the same time looking through him lost in her own thoughts.


Honestly he couldn't tell what she was thinking which was unusual with Faith, since he met her hadn't been the hardest person to read.


She wasn't exactly the monster he expected to find, after everything he heard from his friends who worked for the Watchers Council.


It worried him enough when he heard Willow was coming back from Los Angeles with her, he seriously considered calling the cops to have them waiting to grab her when she arrived.


He thought it would lead to another argument with Buffy when he raised his concerns about it, but Buffy made it clear she had real reservations about her coming back, yet both her and Giles managed to persuade him she would be a necessary evil.


Still what he'd seen since she showed up was so different.


Yes she had the attitude, plenty of it, but after spending time with her he saw that most of it was just bluster because Faith had a lot of deep seated issues of insecurity.


He saw someone who killed a man and claimed not to care, in reality he was almost certain she did care and felt guilty and let the guilt eat at her until she convinced herself she was evil and that's how a persuasive con artist like Mayor Wilkins got inside her head.


He had to think if the council handled the whole thing better years ago, not put her with an inexperienced watcher like Wesley hadn't sent not one, but two hit squads after her.


Things could have been so much different, imagine if Giles had been her watcher as soon as she found them. If she had ever had a mom like Buffy had or a tight group of friends like she did.


He couldn't help but wonder if she could have been more focused more determined and better prepared, maybe she could have been better Slayer than Buffy is or was if his theory proves right and she used this opportunity to get out.


He could see a bit of himself in her, he had been angry after his mom was killed, an anger her watcher couldn't contain as he tried to raise him alone.


Growing up angry as a young black man he had plenty of run ins with law enforcement in several countries around the world not just the U.S.


Anger the Watchers Council tried to tap into, they wanted to make him part of one of their special operations units.


Hit squads as he saw them, he had no interest in joining one.


Robin knew he was smarter than the guys they recruited for those teams, he saw himself becoming a Watcher but when they made it clear that's not what they intended for him, he quit the Council to go and become his own Demon Hunter.


He had been out there on his own for quite some time killing Demons, mostly Vampires before a council member came to him with the Sunnydale opportunity.


They gave him the Robin Wood perfect educational record to make him the ideal candidate to become the headmaster of the newly rebuilt Sunnydale High.


"Where's your head at," Faith asked him seeing Robin was a million miles away.


"Oh, just thinking about how I got here." "I need to work out if any of It helps me work out where I go from here."


"Whether I go solo again or see if there's anyone who wants to join me."


"Oh you think one of the chatty Cathy's or one of the walking wounded will walk off into the sunset with you."


"No I am referring to someone a little closer."


Faith went quiet as the implication of what he was asking began sinking in. He did like her, he really did, the thought got her excited and for a moment she felt ordinary in a way she hasn't done since she was a child.


She wasn't entirely sure she liked it, feeling vulnerable made her remember being alone in prison where all the other inmates soon became afraid to even talk to her let alone challenge her.


Robin just closed his eyes as he waited to see how she would answer.

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