Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Way Ahead

Buffy and the gang stand victorious, they defeated the first evil and broke the centuries old tradition of one slayer in a generation, so where do Buffy, Dawn, Xander, Willow, Giles, Faith, Robin, Andrew and the surviving potentials go now.

After all there are still plenty of Vampires and Demons left in the world and there is the matter of that other Hellmouth in Cleveland.

New friendships will emerge, old ones will be tested, Slayers old and new will have to face new evils and decide where their futures lay.


3. The Open Road

The bus had been on the road for a few hours, driving on the empty stretch of highway, with Giles and Faith taking turns at the wheel.


Before she took her turn driving, Faith was sitting with Robin tending to his wounds, but they seemed to be healing nicely so she left him to sleep.


Willow and Buffy were both sound asleep, as were most of the newly powered up slayers, all except Vi, Rona and Kennedy who were too wired to sleep and were talking about everything that had happened down in the hellmouth.


"So one of them stabbed her," Vi said.


"Yeah one of the uber vamps stuck his blade right through her and she collapsed, man I really thought she was done for," Rona told them.


"Yeah, she lay there for a few minutes after she handed that cool axe to Faith, then she started talking to herself."


"I thought she'd gone nuts, but then she got back up and started kicking ass again," Kennedy said.


"I mean, I'm not Buffy's fan but she was freaking awesome."


"I swear it looked like we were all gonna go down at one point, Amanda, and a few others were taken out."


"Faith got overrun and Spike just stopped fighting and went and stood in the corner."


"Nah, me, I never had any doubt we'd win."


"Even before Buffy gave us her power I was psyched, imagining they had the faces of everyone who ever hurt me, ignored me or pissed me off and just started wailing on those Uber Vamps."


"Then when we felt it, when I knew I had that power inside me, I was going at them ten times harder."


"I was enjoying myself, then the next thing I know everybody starts running away."


"I hear Faith yelling for every one to get out of there so I start to make my way back up to the surface that's when I see that weird British guy with the bad blonde dye job has like a column of light coming out of him." Vi said.


"It was that necklace thing Spike was wearing that had the power, not that vampire."


"Wait, what, Spike was a Vampire?" Vi asked.


"Oh come on Vi, seriously, you're telling us you didn't know that Spike was a Vampire," Rona said to her.


"No, I didn't know that."


"Oh, man so then you didn't know that supposedly, him and Buffy had a thing then."


"What, no way," Vi said, again taken by surprise.


"That's just icky, I mean Vamps are like dead things right, wouldn't that like doing the deed with a dead body."


"I mean how does it work if he's dead, how does he make his thing, err y'know stand to attention."


"I don't know, I doubt even viagara could bring that wood back to life," Rona said.


The three of them started laughing, but trying to keep it quiet so as not to disturb the ones who were sleeping.


"I don't know that I'm ever going to get that image of Buffy and Spike going at it," Kennedy said.


"Oh man you don't even know the half of what Buffy has gotten up to since she's been a slayer." Kennedy said to them.


"Yeah from what I hear Spike isn't the only Vamp, Buffy has done the nasty with," Rona told her.


"Well, let me ask our girl Kennedy here, she's the one got the inside scoop on all the dirt all of these guys been up to, all these years."


"How, do you know so much, then Keny, are you like friends with one of them."


"Ha, yeah you could say that, not to be like a massive homophobe, I mean it ain't my thing but K, here is into the loving of the girl on girl variety and is sharing a bed with our wicked witch."


"You're a lesbo," Vi said without any tact.


"Yep, lesbo that's what we call ourselves, it is the collective noun . I am Lesbian, I speak fluent lesbo, I hail from the foreign shores known as lesbonia,"


"Okay so for future reference you are not loving the term lesbo, got it," Vi answered.


"Yeah why'd you think I took such a dislike to Buffy it's coz I heard all the stupid stuff she's done an that made me realize that she ain't really a leader."


"That if I'm going to be part of an army and follow someone into battle where I could potentially die, then I've got to be able to trust the leader I'm following and it wasn't Buffy."


"Still might not be even after she was sort of cool and powerful back down there in the hellmouth," Kennedy told them.

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